My Goodness!

We certainly have had a time around here. Lots of snow, some melting and fears of flooding. Then the next week some Major Rains and really some Major Flooding around this area. Went to the property a few days ago to check things out (my drainage is working damn near perfectly) and the Tahuya River seemed to be at least twice as high as it usually is. Hope the folks in that development downriver came through it all okay.

Headline: SciTechBlog: Nipples in your Face(book)! I’m not sure what they’re talking about, yet, but it sure grabs your attention!

My Data drive crashed last Friday evening! Damn! Came up as a drive with 0 (zero) bytes used and 0 (zero) bytes available. Just the drive letter would list in Explorer. Damn! And I had just installed a program to do backups! Double Damn! Used the "Ultimate Boot Disc" to no avail. Booted the Hiren’s Boot Disc (which has many tools for just this kind of stuff) and it sort of worked. There was one program that could see the contents of the drive but crashed when I tried saving anything to another drive. Damn. Damn Damn. Went to Motherboard’s Etc in Gorst to get a SATA Data cable and mentioned what was happening to their tech and he said to use "GetDataBack" on the Hiren’s disc after booting into windows. Had to double click the .bat file but the program came right up, scanned the dead drive and I managed to get everything off the dead drive. DAMN! I’m impressed! And it took me only two days! Wow! (Actually, rescuing the data only took a couple of hours; trying everything else is what took so long.:lol:)

Headline: RIAA axes file-sharing lawsuits It’s about time the RIAA Nazis got their shit together. Now if we could convince the music industry that there are better ways to sell their over-priced music. I don’t think anyone will ever completely stop ’pirating’, but, they could start by not charging so much. Just my opinion. I’m still anti-RIAA.

Headline: Biden: US will help fight terror in Afghanistan . And we’ve been doing what over there for the past 5 years?

I know I haven’t been posting much; been busy. I did get out to the property and most of the snow was melted. Spent an hour or so running the digger up and down the road fixing minor area where water was getting through. Cold and wet out there but was kind of fun. I miss getting out to the property as much as I do during the summer.

Headline: Senate boosts wilderness protection across US. Which is cool, except, the ’trickle-down’ will make it much harder for anyone to build a new house on undeveloped land. Already the rules and regs for building a new house are almost prohibitive. I know…

Been keeping an eye on the Gaza thing. All the protests against Israel just crack me up. I sincerely do not remember anyone protesting the actions of the Hamas nor do I remember anyone demanding that the Hamas stop lobbing mortars into Israel. Isn’t what’s good for one country good for all?

Headline: Speedy trial issue lands before US Supreme Court . They’ll get around to it next year or so.

Headline: Many states’ lottery sales are rising in recession . They’re getting more from me more often. When the mega-lotto gets over $100 Million I spend a buck. It would take winning that much to make what was left over after taxes worth it.

Last Headline: Mosquitoes match wing beats before mating . And I’d be willing we (taxpayers) paid these folks a LOT of money to study this. Why we don’t spend all this money on something important; like, say, Why Are Ex-Wives The Way They Are, is beyond me.

I’m outta here!


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