I Have Subscribers!

And no one has tried to spam me! Wow! Double Wow! Nine people have lives even more pathetic than mine that they read my blog for some excitement! No, no, I’m just kidding, folks. I appreciate each subscriber and hope y’all check in and leave a comment every once in a while. All are welcome!

Not much going on. It’s Friday and I’m sitting watching Headline News (where everything is talked to death). SWMBO is covering the Genealogy Library (in Bremerton) for someone 1000-1400 today so we won’t be going for our usual breakfast at the FHP in Port Orchard. I think she has plans for us to return some flooring samples to the store in Tacoma this afternoon and find a place to eat over there. Outback Steakhouse sounds good to me!


Weather has turned nasty with rain a greater part of the day yesterday. Cloudy and cool today with more on the way for the week. Guess the time for going out to the property and getting naked is over for the year. Bummer! I hate winter! Went to the Sears warehouse yesterday to pick up SWMBO’s new weed whacker on wheels and it started to downpour just as I pulled in to their parking lot, kept raining as we were loading it into the back of my truck, but stopped just as soon as I pulled out of their parking lot. Go figure!

Been watching all the political stuff on tv and still have absolutely no idea who to vote for. The thing I worry about is some Redneck Asshole with a rifle out there that doesn’t want no "Black SOB A-rab" as POTUS. I hope I’m wrong though. If he were assassinated the riots afterwards would tear the whole country apart.

Anywho, y’all, it’s been a fairly normal week even though going out to the property is going into ’once a week to see how things are holding together’ mode. I think I’ll spend this winter getting some of the things done that I’ve been meaning to do around this house. Some molding and things like that. The computer I was working on for Phillip up the road went TU so I’ll have to work around that. Dog needs a flea bath. DVD’s to rip and convert. Old family pictures to scan and store. Old cruise books from the USS Turner Joy (DD-951) to scan and store. I really ought to get off my ass!


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