I’m Late! I’m Late! I Know!

Sorry about that. When your days are pretty much the same day in and day out you kind of lose track of time. And getting OLD doesn’t help!Many things going on this week. Yesterday, that bailout was defeated in Congress; which I have mixed feelings about. On the one hand, our economy could go further down the drain if we don’t give (whoever) the money. On the other hand; there are about 300 MILLION legal American’s in this country and if the government was to give each of us one Million Dollars, we’d all be able to pay off our bills and still save about $699 Billion. Sounds good to me. Sent a message to headlinenews@cnn.com and said:

It amazes me that we can pull $700 Billion “out of our hats” to save private business when we’ve so many other things that need to be done but haven’t the money for. Or so we’ve been told. If we can find the money for the bailout, then let’s pull the money and start the old Job Corps back up and employ some of our unemployed and get some of our bridges (and other public works) fixed!

I don’t know if they read it on air or not…

So, to catch up:

Monday: Rented a wood splitter and spent my day out splitting wood.Cause that’s what you do with a wood splitter…Spent the evening recovering!

Tuesday: Took the splitter back. Came home and cleaned up and went and got a haircut.

Wednesday: SWMBO’s normal day at the office. I spent the day lounging around the house cause I caught a cold that was Kicking My Ass!

Thursday: Raining. Stayed home. SWMBO’s brother came over for the afternoon and dinner. (Luckily he was gone before Smallville came on! :grin: Clark’s first day working at the Daily Planet was killer!) She took him to COSTCO to buy him a small microwave. Gave him one of my old 80 Gig hard drives. Never thought I’d see a day where I’d give away an 80 Gig drive! (My first Hard drive was actually a Hard Card, 40 Megabytes and cost me almost $500.)


Friday: Pretty normal Friday. SWMBO slept LATE so we wound up going out to Taco Bell in the afternoon. Regular shopping trip at Albertson’s where we spent WAY too much. Spent the evening just lounging around the house. Still got that cold.< ?xml:namespace prefix = o />

Saturday: This cold is kicking my butt! Did get out to the property to try to enjoy some of the last of the good weather we’ll get this year. Was nice out there! Hot & Sunny.

Sunday: Missed church cause of this cold. Just wasn’t feeling good. Did get out to the property this warm afternoon and lay out a bit. Was damned nice out there! Wish I hadn’t had a headache… Did manage to stack the last of the wood I split after I got home.

Monday: Nice HOT day. Too Cool! Laid out at the property for awhile but came home early cause I was getting a headache.SWMBO was off to Tacoma to talk to the flooring people. She came home and took me out to teriyaki Chicken for dinner. Now just “chillin’”.

Today: Stayed home and got some of the things accomplished that I’ve been putting off by going out to the property.

Mostly in the evenings I’ve been ripping my dvd’s to .avi files and working on a computer for a friend that lives up the road. Having a hell of a time getting Linux to recognize ANY modem (and I’ve tried several). But that old V-Buddy computer has been just sitting in the back room for 3 years or so and Phil does need a "new" computer. Trying to load it with Linux cause he’s having lots of trouble with his Win 98 and Win 2k machines. But he really does pretty good for a guy that’s 70 years old.

The guys at DVDVideoSoft have put out a new version of their VideoToFlv converter that plays a list of .flv files so I’ll be redesigning my video’s page. Some times I have too damned much to do!

Now if this cold would just go away…

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