I’m Sick Of Computers Today!

Not only am I on mine 10 hours a day (making music, ripping my dvd’s, scanning pictures, whatever) but I spent a good 6 hours today building a computer for a friend of mine, installing Linux and getting the damned modem to work. Finally did it. Finally got it over to his house and set up. Finally got the damned thing to connect to Juno (of all places). And he finally got to read his mail.


This week has been pretty much SSDD. Been staying around the house cause of the weather: Rain. Did manage to get out to the property yesterday and put in some more drainage; hopefully my road won’t wash out this year! Our regular "date night" last Friday was later than usual as SWMBO worked the Genealogy Library 1000-1400. Then we drove into Tacoma to return the flooring samples she’d borrowed and ate at a very slow Pizza Hut (next to Timberline Bank) before heading home. Made our usual stop at Albertson’s and spent our usual too much. I hate driving in traffic! I can but I hate it. (I did learn to drive in L.A. a long time ago.) At least with the new bridge the old bridge (coming back this way) is a lot faster.


Not much else going on. Been watching the news and am not encouraged. That $700 Billion "bailout" finalized at around $850 Billion cause buttheads kept adding stuff to the bill. Why in the Hell can’t they pass a Bill for what it was supposed to be ONLY? God forbid they should try to save the Taxpayers some money!

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