Catch Up Time? Again?

Which would be great if I could remember what the hell I’ve been doing. It all kind of runs together…

Saturday: SWMBO took me to dinner at Taco Bell and to see “The Mummy: Emperor’s Tomb”. Movie was about an hour too long… The Gig Harbor theater is SO much better than the theater in Port Orchard. “The Mummy: Emperor’s Tomb” almost sucked. I thought that if they couldn’t use Rachel for her part then they should have killed her off or said she was busy somewhere else.

Sunday: First session of church. Stayed home as it was kind of cool. Finally cleaned my truck out. There had to be a half inch of dust in the thing. I can see the speedometer again! And there’s this little green light thingie that comes on when I press the cruise control button. Cool!

Monday: Labor Day. Mostly stayed home. Did get by Staples to see what they had “on sale.” Came home with a couple of 100 packs of blank DVD’s. Wasted a lot of the day watching/listening to the Dirty Job’s Marathon. You Go For It, Mike!

Tuesday: Spent a large part of the day out at the property cutting wood. I think I cut almost a couple of cords. Brought a load of it back home.

Today: SWMBO is off to her office as usual for a Wednesday. Architect dropped by to review the plans and we drove out to the property for a look-around. I stayed and moved dirt. Brought home a truck full of wood. Hurt my left leg somehow. Probably just getting old…

And that’s it. I think I’m caught up. Damn! It’s bedtime…


I don’t know who’s in charge of the programming at the Sci Fi Channel; but they suck. I volunteer to do a better job for them for half the bucks. They’ve canceled several good shows to put on some more of those terrible ’made for sci-fi channel’ movies. And how in the hell can they give us half a season of Battlestar Galactica and make us wait until sometime in 2009 for the rest? Think I’ll wait for the DVD.

ONLY 14 MORE DAYS UNTIL SEASON 8 OF SMALLVILLE! Y’all (All Y’all actually) need to update your calendars!

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