Gonna Be Busy!

Don’t know when I’m going to be catching up here for awhile. Starting tomorrow I’m gonna be busy. Rented a Dozer for a week so I’ll be up at the property early every day and stay late. Gonna get my $1500 worth! The week after I’ll be concentrating on finishing up cutting the downed trees to length and getting them to the bottom of the hill then calling someone to sell them. Then I’ll concentrate on cutting enough wood to fill our ’woodshed.’ Then renting a splitter again and getting that done and stacked. Gotta disassemble the woodstove and give it (and the flue) a good cleaning. So, I’m gonna be busy (busier?) for the next couple of weeks.
Last Monday: I stayed home and got most of the things I’ve been putting off done. Dishes. Laundry. Straightened up the damned living room. Been watching Sci-Fi Horror Flicks since noon. (Well, not watching. Listening to mostly.) Ripped the 178th Annual General Conference-April 2008 & 15 Hymn discs for SWMBO.
Tuesday: Cut the logs in the clearing to length and dragged them down the hill. SWMBO made dinner. Fish sticks for me. Chicken for her. More dishes for me…. @ 2110 is was raining HARD!
Wednesday: Went to the property. Came home early from the property. Too wet & muddy. Cut one log to length and moved it to the bottom of the hill. Scary to be going along and have one (or both) tracks suddenly start spinning but not going anywhere! Except in circles! Not good when pulling a 1000 lb log. Been raining like a bitch off and on. Got up at 0600. Maybe I’ll be able to go to sleep early and sleep until the alarm goes off without staying awake until 0300 when SWMBO gets home from the office. We’ll see. POURED rain off and on all afternoon/evening. I mean poured! Spilled tea into my keyboard last night. Some of the numerical keypad stick now…
Thursday: Today. Got SWMBO up early to take her to the 1000 showing of "The Dark Knight". Too bad they changed the showtime to 1230. At least I got notified of the change before we left the house! So we went to breakfast at the FHP in Port Orchard then to the movie then on back home so SWMBO could get some work done today.
Excellent movie! Really enjoyed it! Heath Ledger played a wonderful Joker! I really thought he was excellent in the part.

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