Well, It Finally Happened!

Got up early and went out to the property and started moving dirt around. Damn near froze my ass off! Digger started right up and I got a lot of work done though. Finished off about another third of the road. Dug out the lower catch basin. Made it about half as wide but twice as deep. That widened the road a bit too. Cool! Had to quit around 1400 though so I could go home and get warm!

Got home and asked SWMBO if she minded if we went for Teriyaki Chicken or MacDonald’s or something instead of me cooking. She chose Teriyaki. So we climb into her car and off we go.

I’ve been on SWMBO for years to keep a decent amount of gas in her car. I’ve always told her that if I get in her car and we run out of gas before we can get to a gas station that SHE would have to walk to get a can of gas. Well, about half way to Teriyaki we run out of gas. So SWMBO got to walk about 1.8 miles to the gas station and 1.8 miles back to the car. She had to buy a gas can also. But she got a 1+ gallon size and it just wasn’t enough to get the car started. So we wound up calling a friend to come and take her to get more gas (in a bigger can). I, meanwhile, sat with the car. Except I didn’t sit. I had to walk around cause it was FREEZING!

So, we left the house around 1500, finally got to dinner about 1830 and finally got back home about 2000. I’m still cold! Getting a good fire going in the woodstove though so it shouldn’t be too long before I’m warm again. Although I am thinking of a hot shower after "Dirty Jobs."

Ain’t It The Trooth!

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