Moved The Digger…

From my landlords place up the street to mine and spent a couple of hours with the pressure washer getting the mud off it. Dirty Job! Moved it because it is WAY too muddy for me to get anything done on his pond. Will probably be that way until June or so. And I really don’t want to have to dig the digger out! Muddy!

Not too much going on around here. Weather has been really nice the past couple of days so I’ve spent as much time outdoors as I can. Didn’t go to the property ’cause I have the digger here and really nothing to do up there. Since we probably won’t get financing until March/April 08 there really isn’t an reason for me to go up there as much as I’m used to. Hell, even if we got financing today we probably wouldn’t get started building until March/April anyway ’cause of the weather. Damn!


Thinking about saving up to get an XBox 360 and this game, Air Combat 6. The video’s I found for it are cool! I’m NOT really a ’gamer’ but I do like flight simulators. I have X-Plane and MS Flight Sim X (and some others). I have ’Lock On’ and occasionally fire it up to go kill something else! Trying to make my own flights/Movies too. Think I’ll go do that now…

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