Date Day!

So SWMBO took me to Burger Claim here in Belfair for breakfast after the Dog and I got back from our walk. I forget what they call it, but, I had the omlette piled on hash browns. HUGE! I always bring half of it home cause even I can’t eat the whole thing in one sitting.

Then we went to North Bay Marijuana in Allyn and got some “Doozies.” Gummies with 40mg CBD and 1mg THC. Kinda spendy (for an old, retired guy) at $34, but, if it helps SWMBO with her neuropathic(?) pain in her leg (and mine) then it’ll be Weissmulleraworth it. We’re also cutting each gummie into 4 parts cause all the literature I’ve read said to start out at about 10mg CBD.

Got the 1mg THC cause we don’t want to get high. Even if we did, I doubt 1/4mg per dose is going to do it! Good thing she’s decided to retire so neither of us has to worry about a drug test! (Not that I would worry anyway.)

Then a quick stop at Safeway where two separate retired Marines noticed my ball cap (retired navy with HM Symbol on it) and couldn’t say enough good about “their” Corpsmen “back in the Viet Nam War.” I’ve yet to meet a Marine, retired or otherwise, seriously say anything bad about HM’s and I appreciate it. Loved being with “my” Marines and would (still!) do whatever was required to protect them.

So we’ve just been mostly goofing off since we got back. Took our first dose of the gummies. SWMBO has been off taking a nap. I’ve been goofing off scanning my Uncle’s pictures and listening to my “mellow” collection I recorded from Costa Del Mar internet radio station.

Took the Dog for a couple of walks but it’s raining now (and dark) so we’re stuck inside the rest of the day. Awww…

I really like X-Plane!

And I do kinda sorta think my right leg isn’t bothering me as much as usual. Hmm.

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Pretty Much SSDD Around Here

Still raining more than not. Lots of flooding around the greater Seattle area. Had some snow the other day but nothing stuck. Dog and I enjoyed our walk in it though.

blnd4Had a migraine yesterday that kept me in bed trying to sleep to escape the pain. Mostly worked. Got up at midnight to sit up awhile (my back hurt from laying down 14 hours!) but didn’t stay up long. Went back to sleep around 0115 and slept for a couple of hours. Woke up for about and hour then back to sleep to a couple more. Woke up headache free but still having the post-migraine blahs.

But I try not to let that stop me. Still haven’t gotten into the MILA to get anything done but got garbage burned, dishes done, dinner being cooked and some scanning of Uncle Herman’s pictures done. Not a lot, I know, but something.

And that’s it. Boring. SWMBO and I are enjoying the new Picard.

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