Another Month In Paradise

I know. I know! A couple of months without updating (a blog that really no one reads) is a bit much; even for me. I’ve been busy. Really really busy.

Of course, we returned to our Renter having abandonded us (Thanks, Terra Lynn Burk!) so I’ve been busy in the MILA getting rid of the rest of her stuff and cleaning up. Completely tore out the bath (I mean everything OUT!). Slowly getting it rebuilt.

SAC Museum

We found a nice, almost new, walk in shower pan for $15 at the Bremerton Habitat. Got a new valve and handle stuff for the shoer. I paid a plumber $250 to move the water valve up to shower level and install the shower pan. Money well spent!

So I’ve been installing th hardiboard (cement board) and building a new soffet (that’ll double as towel/whatever storage). and whatever else needs to be done.

SAC Museum

And still doing all my regular stuff around the house. Finally got off my fat, old, lazy ass and moved things around in the basement and did a long delayed cleaning up. That took almost a week of “spare” time!

Since SWMBO isn’t working (except for her college classes to be a Genealogist) we’ve kind of gone into short rations mode. Not spending nearly as much in our weekly trips to the store. Going to cheaper plasces for dinner on Date Day. WinCo foolds getting a lot of our business. Habitat for Humanity gets a lot of our business too.

The Weener Mobile at The Henry Ford

SWMBO got a bunch of ceramic tile and trowels at Habitat the other day and swears she’s going to tile the MILA shower and bathroom. With her being busy with her classes though I can imagine I’m going to be learning a new skill.

Also gathering all the info I need to take Terra to Small Claims Court but I have to do it in the County she lives in. I think that puts an unfair burdon on the aggrieved party; but what do I know. I’m going to start everything Dec 1st just so she can have a great Christmas worrying about it. (Yeah, I’m still upset.)

Star Trek Exhibit at The Henry Ford

Honestly, I’ve just been working around the house or suffering through headaches since we got back. Had 2 or 3 really bad headaches a week so far. There are times I know I’ve gone into another migraine only because my head aches instead of hurts. And I’ve gone through the prodrome without getting a headache also. Weird.

I’ll tell y’all all about the crap Peninsula Credit Union tried to put me through today some other time. They lost a loyal customer today.

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We’re Back!

Did anyone even notice we were gone? Probably not, but I will proceed anyway.

Left here (by myself) Aug 11 to begin a 7443.8 mile circle around this great (BIG!) country or ours to attend the Hollie Reunion in Pickwick Landing, Tennessee and visit SWMBO’s parents in Oregon, Ohio for awhile.

Sept 11th I took off and made it to the Mountain Home AFB Family Campground before I had to stop for the night. Nice, quiet place to stay and cost only $15.


Sept 12th got up early and made it to Midway, Utah to spend the night with friends.


Sept 13th, wait, you don’t want me to cover my trip day by boring (for YOU) day? Ok. I can live with that.



Stopped in Tucumcari, New Mexico for two days to visit the Dinosaur Museum and Trian Museum. Tucumcari is about dead. Everything off the highway is pretty much abandoned and I spent a couple of hours taking pictures of it. Had a pretty nice lightning storm off in the distance though. And the traffic going by sounded like distant thunder. Was HOT though!


Spent four days visiting my Uncle in Henderson, Texas. Got to help him pack for his move to Mississippi that he’s about to make. He also gave me three boxes full of notebooks of genealogy “stuff” for SWMBO; which I had to make room for in the RV. But She would have severely chastised me if I hadn’t!


Drove to Pickwick Landing, Tennessee Thursday and parked the RV. Got up Friday and drove to Memphis to pick SWMBO up. We stopped at a MacDonald’s on the way back to Pickwick Landing, and I came down with Food Poisoning a few hours later. Spent 6 hours puking my guts out when I wasn’t experiencing the joys of explosive diarrhea. But the last time I puked I could tell it was over and all I had to do was recover by the Saturday reunion.


I was pretty sore all over (from puking) but the Reunion went really well. Everyone there was a cousin from a different branch of the Hollie family, but that didn’t really matter: we’re all family. James Earl and Bobby (Hollie) did some singing later in the night and it all went really well. (James Earl used to be in George Jones’ band way back when.) Got back to the RV WAY after my bedtime!


Got up Sunday and drove to Oregon, Ohio. The drive through eastern to northern Tennessee is really pretty. (Not as pretty as the drive through southern Utah, but pretty.) Pulled into Oregon, Ohio late but managed to get the RV parked and hooked up at my in-laws house.


Highlights of the next two weeks: Visited the Henry Ford, the Toledo Zoo, and drove to Pennsylvania to visit my friend of 35 years for a night. Also got to help my f-i-l with his yard and garage. SWMBO cleaned inside; I cleaned outside.


Took off from Oregon, Ohio the 7th. After a murderous headwind while crossing Nebraska and Wyoming (about 100 gallons of gas! Cruise control set to 70 and speedometer reading 58 mph kind of headwind), and a bout of probably food poisoning (from a meatloaf tv dinner), after 3 days we pulled into Midway, Utah to visit those very same friends I visited on the way out.


Stayed the night and headed for home early in the morning. Was going to stay at the Mountain Home AFB campground but we got there at about 1100 so we decided to just get on home. Pulled in here around 2200 if I remember right. Probably; but I was SO tired I really don’t remember.



I’m going to bed.

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