Honestly, Been Meaning To Post. This Is An “I’m Alive!” Post.

But, been busy and been lazy. Really not much going on for being so busy around here. Some Sun and reasonably warm days have drawn me outside where I get absolutely nothing done because I can’t get too physical and refuse to get too mental. Look at the pretty clouds.

Father-In-Law-Apartment (FILA) it going well, except, we’ve been waiting on the dry-wallers(?) for a week now. So no progress this week.

Saw my Doc last Monday. He says I’m doing well.

Got my new CPAP via UPS last Tuesday. Set it up and got it running but it was pushing too much air so I had to research how to change the “hidden” settings and change those. YouTube! The Lady from Lincare was supposed to show up yesterday to finalize all the settings and stuff but didn’t show. Well, I figured it out. I’m somewhat smart that way. I think they just transferred all the settings from my old CPAP to the new without taking into account that my setting were HIGH because the old CPAP wasn’t pushing air as efficiently cause it was wearing out.

My Doc had put a bug in my ear last month about losing 50 lbs so I’ve been getting off my fat ass about that. Hours and hours of YouTube video’s about how upside down and wrong our food pyramid is/has been and such so I made some changes to my diet. I don’t want to DIET; I want to make diet changes. Going High Fat-Low carb. So, doubled my intake of bacon & eggs (swapped cereal every other morning for bacon & eggs which means bacon & eggs every morning), cut out about half the sugar I regularly use daily (and am working on the rest), limited my intake of carbs, and drinking more water instead of whatever sweet drink (Sunny D, Orange Juice, sodas, etc). And the Dog and I still take our morning mile every day; of course.

Lost 17 lbs last month.

Still eating a lot of things I like to eat and not “exercising” but losing the belly fat. I like that. I think I almost saw my dick the other day while drying off.

200 lbs here I come! Even my blood pressure is mostly normal all the time now.

And, spent most of yesterday in the ER being treated for Atrial Fibrillation. Since last Sunday my heart had been beating too quickly, too slowly, and irregularly; not to mention that the “missed” beats were lasting longer than normal and the medicine I take specifically for that wasn’t working. Lots of “fluttering” in my chest but otherwise felt great.

So, had SWMBO take me to Urgent Care in Belfair at noon yesterday. They freaked. Lady at the front desk asked “What’s your complaint?” I said “Possible AFib.” There was no waiting in line. They caught it real good on the EKG about 2 minutes later. Fifteen minutes later I was on an ambulance headed towards St. Mike’s in Silverdale. Again, no waiting in line.

Spent the next 7 hours laying around getting watched. Had a 4 hour IV of potassium (which burned like OH, Shit! so they had to cut it with a sodium chloride IV). Couldn’t start me on blood thinners because over 2 days had gone by and I might have a clot waiting to be dislodged that wants to head straight to my brain to wreak havoc. (I don’t want to be the veggie of the day.) So …

They finally sent me home with a 14 day monitor stuck to my chest and small notebook where I’m to log my symptoms (even out walking) if I press the button that says I’m having some symptoms, and an Rx for for potassium pills AND some blood thinners (because the threat of stroke apparently isn’t that much of a concern with me cause I’m already borderline dane brammaged anyway). And a referral to an “Electro” Cardiologist. (Gotta look that one up.)

And I “felt” totally great throughout all of that. Best I’d felt in awhile actually. Go figure.

So now I get to ask my Doctor how this is doing well; since I had told him of the “fluttering” in my chest since the previous day while I was sitting in his office.

Do I have to train another Doctor?

Anywho, sorry about not posting all my boring shit as regularly as I used to. Part busy. Part lazy. Part depression. Part almost summer and I’m still wearing a coat on my morning walk and no vitamin D. Part FILA and dump runs. Part learning new ways to eat and part I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing on a daily basis anyway.

But I still feel good about that 17 pounds. (G)

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