Bought New Shoes Yesterday

At the Big 5 in Port Orchard. Young dude tried to sell me a $69 pair of running shoes. Running shoes! I said “Dude. Do I look like I’m going to run anywhere? I’m 68 years old and 55 lbs overweight; if you see me running it’s already too late!”Running shoes. So I got a cheap pair of tennis shoes. Like I’m ever going to play tennis again.

The headline: NOAA Scientists: 2020 Was Earth’s 2nd-Hottest Year on Record, Just Behind 2016 is misleading. It should read: Earth Continues To Cool since 2016. But you won’t hear that from the folks trying to take your money and control your lives. But don’t get me started.

From the “DUH” category: Nuclear War Could Trigger Big El Niño and Decrease Seafood. Ya think. I know my first priority after a Nuclear War would be “How’s the fishing?”

Doesn’t explain why they can be so messed up though: Musicians Have Brains With Stronger Connections Than Non-musicians

Just tried “Air Frying” some “fries.” Salt wouldn’t stick to any of them afterwards.Useless.

Every year we buy a container of Lard and make a batch (or two) of real “fries.” Now, those are fries! There is no other taste like taters deep fried in real rendered animal fat I don’t care what part of the country you’re from. Salt and pepper to taste.

Been raining all day. Supposed to rain the rest of the week. Well, since this afternoon is actually the “rest of the week’ I obviously mean through Next week. Geesh.

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