Still Raining Out. Better Than Raining In.

Sometimes my Dad, born in the 30’s and having an entirely different outlook on life and man/woman relationships, would sometimes see a “sweet young thing” walking along and casually mention how “I don’t know much about girls but I’d suck her dick.” He Could NOT say that nowadays cause you just don’t know anymore. There’d be a good possibility he’d have to fess up or shut up. Poor guy.

Date Day with SWMBO. Took her to breakfast at Family Pancake House in Port Orchard. Still love being out with her even after 35 years! Then WinCoi! Woo Woo!

We were out shopping a couple of years ago and saw this package and I thought “That package pretty much sums up America right now.” Is it 18 pieces or 19 pieces? Was the employee too lazy, or unable, to count how many pieces were included? Why didn’t the “boss” notice and call them on it? What kind of business hires people that can’t count then prints labels to accommodate them? If I bought it and found only 18 pieces when I opened it, would I feel cheated? Shouldn’t I feel I got my moneys worth since I bought it knowing there may be only 18 pieces in it?

Yet, someone will buy it and complain if there was only 18 pieces in it. Which is what is wrong. You can explain until you’re blue in the face “how things are” and show them in black and white and they’ll still go along with “what should be” and complain when it doesn’t meet their expectations. “Well, there should have been 19!” No, there should have been 18 OR 19. Read The Damned Sign. Put on your big girl panties and get on with your life.

CSI Marathon!

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