Windows 7 Upgrade

Well, other than having to completely rebuild my hard drive, that wasn’t so bad. "Upgraded" to Windows 7 on my desktop over the last couple of days. Haven’t crashed it. Yet. (If it can be crashed, I’ll crash it! Got the BSOD in Vista TNTC!) Still reinstalling all the programs I usually use; and a couple that I don’t usually use. What a pain!

The Storm!: Had a LOT of rain over several days last week that caused some flooding around the area. Trees down. Cars in ditches. Set my radio to scan all the local repeaters, Fire Departments & Police/Sheriff frequencies; it was interesting. I took some video of cars going through water running across the road coming out of Belfair, sent it to Q 13 Fox News, and they used it. Even mentioned my name. Cool.

Our place did okay through the storm even with all the water running across our lawn. Back portion of the property is soaked though. I mean it’s wet back there! Had to take the digger out and do a few channels to drain all the standing water. Cleaned out our major drainage ditch. Maybe it won’t run over the next storm. It’s been raining off and on most every day. Had a really nice line of thunder & lightning storm come through late Monday night. Rain was coming down so hard it sounded like people running across the roof! Wind slammed us a good one once or twice. Was nice. Wish I hadn’t been so tired and could have stayed awake for all of it.

Radio stuff is going okay. Studying for my General ticket. Mostly talking on the 2-meter band. 10-meter is mostly dead. Yeah, everyone says 10-meter will open up this summer; but I haven’t seen it yet. Joining several 2-meter *nets* during the week is okay though. Lots of interesting conversations going on.

Thinking of buying either a 144/440 handheld that I found "on sale" for $100 or a 144/440 moble unit for my truck. Not sure which. The handheld I can take with me if/when SWMBO and I go on trips and would need only a mag mount antenna for it. The moble unit I’d have to mount in my truck. Not that I mind taking my truck on any trips. Hmmm. Lots more to think about before I splurge for another radio. And I still need an antenna (6-BTV looks good), automatic antenna tuner, data cable, & maybe a linear amp for the radio (and other stuff) I have!

I’ll let y’all know what I think of Windows 7 in future posts.


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