Well, Things Are Moving Along…

On the new house. Got a call from our Realtor late this afternoon and she said that the Appraisal came through “at value” so the loan should be going through. Cool. I gotta get out of this house!

Been checking around for phone and internet availability at the new address. AT&T can give me a phone, but no internet. QWest has something called “broadband Phone” ($20/mo) but no Internet. Which sounds strange as “broadband” indicates “Internet.” Probably just the Tech in me… Still, I wonder about hooking in a modem and maybe getting internet. Guess it’s time SWMBO and I talked to neighbors to see what they’re doing. I’d hate to go back to dial up but will to check my mail. Which means I’d have to post via e-mail. Better get that set up just in case.

Windows 7: Finally gave up on it. Got the BSOD nineteen (19!) times last night installing software I usually use or using software I usually use. Crashed 5 times using Post2Blog! So, I got really tired of that, put my old drive in, booted up and installed the drivers for the new system and it has been working great. Except. There’s always an Except.

I’ve gotten the BSOD a couple of times using DVDFab to convert a dvd to an .mkv file when I have it output to the only SATA drive I have in this new system. I’m going to try having it output to the C: drive tonight and see if it does it again. If not, then the SATA drive may be going bad. Which means I’d have to move my data off it as I started using it as my data drive. Bummer. If I get the BSOD again I’ll take that drive out and see if it does it agian. And I’d have to get a new drive…

Not much else going on. SWMBO is starting to figure out about painting and stuff in the new house. Oh joy! If we get the okay to go in and paint then she has my Memorial Day weekend pretty much planned. Oh joy!


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