Thursday Night. Thursday Already?

So this must be Smallville. Cool show tonight. Ending was kind of far out there, but I’ll get used to it. I still think Clark needs to learn to fly!!!

Last couple of days have been kind of boring. Not heading out to the property cause gas is too expensive and the weather SUCKS! Not quite cold enough to force me to light a fire in the woodstove but way too cool, windy and wet to head out and get some dirt moving done. Driving me nuts!

So I been "straightening up around the house," if you know what I mean. (I miss Whose Line!) Moved an old not working tv into the back bed/storage room and took the back off it to see if I could see why it doesn’t work. It got zapped by a lightning strike on the grid last December. Replaced the main fuse (only fuse) I found but that doesn’t seem to be the problem. I’m a USN Retired HM computer geek dirt mover; not a tv repair man!

Put the mediaserver to work converting dvd’s to avi’s. It Is Slow! But it ain’t doing anything else so why not. Spent some time this afternoon removing unused drivers and programs so now it should work better. Hopefully. You never know with computers running Windows. Any version of Windows. ANY version of Windows…

Hey, is there a widescreen version of the original "War Of The Worlds" out there?


A conversation between a Customer and Bank of America Bank:

This is the Bank of America, can I help you?

Customer: Yes, I want to cancel my account. I don’t want to do business with you any longer.

Bank: Why?

Customer: You’re giving credit to illegal immigrants and I don’t think it’s right. I’m taking my business elsewhere.

Bank: Well, Mr. Customer, we don’t want to see you do that, but we can’t stop you. I’ll help you close the account. What is your account number?

Customer: (gives account number)

Bank: For security purposes and for your protection,can you please give me the last four digits of your social security number?

Customer: No.

Bank: Mr. Customer, I need to verify your information,but in order to help you, I’ll need verification of who you are.

Customer: Why should I give you my social security number? The reason I’m closing my account is that your bank is issuing credit cards to illegal immigrants who don’t have social security numbers. You are targeting that audience and want their business. Let’s say I’m an illegal immigrant and you’ve given me a credit card. I have a question about it and call for assistance. You wouldn’t be asking me for a Social Security number, would you?

Bank: No sir, I wouldn’t.

Customer: Why not?

Bank: Because you would have pressed ’2’ to speak in Spanish. We don’t ask for that information when calling in on the Spanish line.



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