SSDD. My Life. Welcome!

Moved a lot of dirt and some trees out at the property Tuesday & Wednesday. SSDD.

Got up at 0530 and met another contractor in Belfair at 0700 to take him out and show him the place we want to build our dome. He seemed less than impressed. Nice guy. Ray. I think we’ll be able to work together. He wants 18% of the total. Which I understand is a good deal. Still seems kind of expensive to me…SSDD.

Came on home early cause it was COLD out there. Wound up going back around noon and tried digging up a big tree stump. Digger sprung a hydraulic fluid leak somewhere in the innards. I stopped what I was doing and came on back home cause I really didn’t feel like messing with it today. If it ain’t rainin’ tomorrow I’ll head back out with my tool kit and see what I can see. I’m learning WAY more about heavy machinery than I ever thought I would!

Stopped by the Other Contractor I’d left our paperwork with the other day. Lincoln Builders. Earl said he was through with the paperwork and had a bid in mind for me. He wants 20% right off the top ($300k total cost means PLUS $60k for him) then, with ME doing all the work (dealing with sub-contractors, getting new guesstimate’s, all that a contractor usually does) he’d be a "consultant" for $100 an hour. Excuse me? All I really wanted him to do was handle the money and help when I needed a contractor in the spotlight; but $60k Plus seems kind of expensive to me.

Was feeling kind of depressed, dejected and rejected when I got home. Told SWMBO to get dressed cause I needed a taco. So she took me to Baco Tell (Taco Hell) (Taco Bell) and I had my taco. Plus two more. Plus a bean barrito. Was kind of hungry. Course the best part of the meal was just being out with her and us talking about the dome and stuff.

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