Damn I Am Tired Of Winter!

I really should live somewhere in the Tropic Of Cancer or Northern Australia. Someplace warm all year! The "Great Northwest" is a wet dreary place to live in the winter. Worse, I think, than it was in Cleveland, Ohio. At least in Cleveland you get the occasional Tornado or Thunder & Lightning. Out here all you get is RAIN. RAIN RAIN RAIN. I’m sick of the damned RAIN. And of being cold.

Not much going on. Went out to the property and moved dirt until it started raining again. Probably would have kept on except the rain turned to ice pellets. Not really rain, not really sleet. Kind of like clear lake effect snow. Would have preferred snow!

And that’s about it. Almost finished rebuilding my ’games’ disc. Installed "Lock On" last night and played that for awhile. Added a lot of planes that I’ve been downloading to FSX. I particularly like the different versions of the F4. The F4 was one badass looking jet! I’d hate to look up and see a fully loaded F4 Phantom coming my way!


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