Wind And Rain And Wind And Rain

WAY too much wind and rain over the past 4 days or so. Our property is absolutely flooded. Can’t walk anywhere here without my heavy boots on. Dog has to wear his rain gear (which he hates) or he’s soaked by the time we get to the end of the driveway. Same with me. (Except I wear MY rain gear and not his.)

2018-01-25 09.31.46

Ordered myself a new Kindle Paperwhite the other day and it came in today. I like it! Really nice backlit screen with readable type. Needs the buttons on the side to change pages so you can just squeeze to do that; but not too bad. Already downloaded some of my books onto it. Will experiment to see how many I can put on the thing.

les02aDate day with SWMBO last Saturday went well. We tried a new (to us) BBQ place in Shelton (almost right across the street from Sister’s). Good Food! SWMBO really enjoyed her ribs and I had so much (good) blackened Catfish on my plate I had to bring half of it home. We’ll be going back.

The NMARES 2-meter Monday Evening Chat Net (Rag Chew) went well. Had a check-in from Gig Harbor and Port Orchard. Cool!

And that’s pretty much it. SWMBO is home and fed and about to go into her room for the evening. I’m gonna finish this up and go lay down and read using my new Kindle Paperwhite.

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My Lovely-Young-Bride of 31+ Years Does NOT Understand

Buttermilk. I don’t know if it’s because she’s from the “North,” just doesn’t like “spoiled milk,” or what. She’d have to be on her deathbed with no sewage water available before she’d drink it though. Doesn’t mind baking with it but, drink it? No thanks! For me: A chunk of cornbread and a tall ice-cold glass of buttermilk is dinner!


Not a lot going on around here. We’re kinda sorta battening down the hatches for a blow tomorrow that’s supposed to last overnight. Chance of high winds so I’ve loosened my long wire antenna and (hopefully) fixed anything that could be lobbed around by wind. We’ll see.

Tried making a cake in the convection oven yesterday. Not gonna work. About the time the inside is getting done the outside is starting to turn brown. Wait a minute. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work? The cake I made tastes good and appears to be done throughout so, …


My DataDrive has finally given up the ghost. Can’t read anything from it now. Will be glad when my new drives get in tomorrow.

My first batch of rocks should be ready tomorrow also! Cool!

Got to pick SWMBO up tonight at the QFC. Nice! It’s already starting to rain and get a bit windy out there. How much of a “storm” will we have?

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