Sometimes I Hate My Life

imageI am SO fookin’ sick of the weather in Western WaRshington! Look, either get sunny and warm or rain! Make up your damned mind already! This is worse than following that dipshit on the freeway that can’t decide how fast he wants to go.

Just not a whole lot going on. Regular chores (when I feel like doing them) and our walks. The people chopping down trees (Lumber Company?} haven’t gotten to the part near us yet. Think they’re pretty close though.

Trying to figure out how the wireing on those solar panels I bought work. Wired one way I can get 12-20 volts. Wired another I can get 30-60 depending on the sun. So, which do I want?

Marilyn MonroeTo power my shack (radio’s and computers/monitors to interface with the radios) do I want 3 or 4 batteries with invertor. Would input be 12 volts or 50-60 volts? Do I wire the panels (and batteries) in series or parrallel?

See, all I really know is I have 4 solar panels and I want to 1) run my shack off them, and 2) use one to power the Caravan/RV and my radio stuff while camping out. (This one is the easier one to figure out.)

Other than that I have NO idea what the fook I’m doing.

When I say “run my shack” I mean the 3 radio’s (that currently run on battery power), either my laptop or the Pi and a monitor. I want my “Shack” to cost zero bucks to run and be up and running during power outs or other emergencies.

I don’t think there’s any way to run my whole house on solar. Freezer, dishwasher, washer and dryer; all big users of electricity and I use them most every day. Or every other day. Except the freezer. It’s on all the time.

imageMost of the electronics and stuff like that could be run by solar, I think. Probably not my computer and 3 monitors. Maybe not the NAS even though I have the drives turn themselves off after 15 minutes of non-use. Big tv could. Pi media player could. Probably the cable modem/router.

Well, it finally rained a bit. Just enough to get part of the garbage burned. But at least it made up it’s mind on what to do. For a moment.

SWMBO got home and took me to Safeway for some “stuff.” Nice being out of the house with her!

Got in the last part of the NMARES Net and listening to them talk about W7LDE’s antenna’s.

Think I’ll go lay down and read a bit.

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Really Ready For Summer!!!!!!!

imagePretty much SSDD every day this week. SWMBO had last Monday off (with most of the rest of America) but other than that nada. Couple of nice days but more cloudy and cold (and some rain). Sucks! I am SO ready for Summer.

Not sure if things are going to work out with our Renter. The nicest thing I can say is that “our lifestyles just don’t mesh.’ The worst I can say is “Every time I hear their boom box car (which drowns out everything (everything!) else) or their friend who has to yell everything he says (which drowns out everything else) I inch a bit closer to exercising an eviction notice. I like the quiet country living and I’m not getting it (on the weekends at least).

imagePlus me and the Dog can’t take off all our clothes and go for walks with their friends gathered out there. Which sucks. I don’t care if they are mostly all male (which brings up a whole other boatload of questions). One of the reasons we moved here is when the wx gets nice, me and the Dog take all our clothes off and go for walks.

Mostly it’s the noise though. There’s a shit load I can ignore if it’s quiet.

Got contacted by the Yeasu repair people: it’s going to cost me $290 + shipping to get my radio fixed and back. Said an eprom was shorted (???) and the faceplate was missing characters (which seems to be a regular complaint of 857d owners). So, paid that and hopefully my radio will be back well before Field Day.

Burgers and Baked Beans for dinner tonight. Think I’ll be glad for my cpap later!

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