That Was Kinda Awesome!

Raining fairly hard this morning. Stepped out on the deck and the sound slammed me in the face. Not the rain, but a zillion raindrops hitting a zillion dry leaves. Kind of a muted roar. Almost sounded windy but there was none. Neat!

So the Dog and I did our usual mile anyway. You just dress for it. Me in my poncho and him in his yellow raincoat. I was stationed with the Marines far too long to let bad Wx stop me from going out and the Dog doesn’t care. Rain, shine, snow, wind, it don’t matter. (Although I do wear my hard hat when it’s really windy cause I saw on the Internet that that’ll stop that tree falling on me from injuring me. You know: like our covid masks keep us from getting the covid.)

Otherwise, not a lot going on around here.

My Network/Internet connection started going slower and slower until, finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I mean: 8 hours to transfer a 1.2 Gig movie to my NAS. Rebooted a lot. Rebooted these wall-wort things I have that give me connectivity through the power lines. Rebooted the modem. Didn’t work.

So I ran a 50 ft cat-5 cable (don’t ask) to check if it was my computer or what. Wasn’t my computer. Soon as I plugged the line in and my computer found the connection everything jumped back up to normal. Yeah, that same movie file took 8 whole minutes but that’s way better than 8 hours.

Now we have a 50 ft cat-5 cable running along the wall from the living room to my room. Taped down across doorways, of course. And that’s probably going to stay there until I learn how to make my own cables (I have 500 feet of it I got at St. Vinnies for $15 and all the “stuff” to make them) then I’ll check into wiring my whole house. Come up from the basement or down from the attic?

Uploading all my “local events” pictures to Google Photo’s. I really need to pick one place and upload my pictures that I want to share to ONLY that one. I’m spread all over the place. Was supposed to be Flickr but they went expensive. Google Photo’s is actually easier than Google Drive. Way easier than my photo site that I maintain.

Anyone interested in pictures of old cars and planes?

Election Day. I have Q13 on in the background (only channel we get out here) and glance at it occasionally. Lots of businesses boarding up for the after-election violence that’s been promised by various factions. I really hope Trump and the Republicans win by overwhelming majority that can’t be disputed. Won’t happen, but I can hope.

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