Sold The Dump Truck Today

Didn’t get as much as I was asking; but really didn’t expect to. Still, $700 will come in really handy right now. We can at least re-stock the freezer if nothing else! Smile

Now I *need* to sell the Digger. (Don’t want to but I really ain’t using her anymore.)

Just not much else going on around here. Usual daily housework but I didn’t have to fix dinner for anyone but me tonight. SWMBO had her usual Monday lunch with the girls and I have no idea where our son is (who’d I’d have had cook for himself anyway).

Been working on my various web sites and trying to get things more secure and pleasant looking. Listening to “World’s Toughest Fixes” in the background. No Nets tonight.


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Still Pretty Much SSDD Around Here.

Except the Wx is getting worse every day! Colder. Wetter. Hasn’t snowed yet; and I thought it would by now. Ah well. So much for my prediction abilities!
Still running my 2-meter Net on Sunday’s @ 1930. Check-ins vary and it doesn’t last more than 45 minutes or so; but it’s fun. Still having problems hearing many people on the 10-meter Net on Tuesdays.
Still the Treasurer for MCARC and still going to the meetings on the 2nd Saturday.
NMARES is still dying. Slowly. Inevitably Not supposed to be a meeting this month but I think the Club President will post that he will be at the QFC lounge area “just in case.”.

Have everything done in the M-I-L apt but sweeping and swabbing. Already posted an ad on Craig’s List. No one has contacted us yet; but they will.

Someone hacked my blog yesterday and I wound up rebuilding the whole damned thing. They put a link at the top that opened some gambling site in Germany or Russia. I have no idea how they did it; but I’m (again!) researching how to lock everything down. Luckily rebuilding this is really just deleting everything but my settings and uploading the original files. Still a pain in the ass though. It’s a good thing I have this set as my home page and can notice changes pretty much quickly!

Scanned a box of SWMBO’s old pictures for her. Came across some b&w pictures I thought was our son, Patrick, but they turned out to be her mom when she was about a year old. I swear they could pass as twins! Kind of made me miss Patrick some…

Just not much going on around here. Everyone is closing down for winter and it’s been raining too much to get out on day trips. We’re pretty broke too. SWMBO finally got a job doing coding but it pays only $3.50/record; and some of those records can run hundreds of pages!

I check the job sites I use every morning but haven’t found anything yet. Aside from having no skills other than Tech Support I’m pretty old. There are way too many techs out of a job and companies want to hire the young to fill any jobs they do have. Obamacare and the recession has killed a lot of jobs also. We’ll survive but will have to tighten our belts some.

Put my dump truck, digger & the RV up on Craig’s list also. No inquiries yet. Turns out the curved glass in the dump truck is worth more than the whole truck but I don’t want to remove it then have a hulk left over that I’d have to get rid of. Easier for me if someone would take the whole thing!

That’s it for now. Merry Christmas everyone!

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