When You Really Don’t Want The Job But *Someone* Thinks You’d Be Great At It…

Playing With ChatGPT:
Arr, me heartie!
Ye be receivin’ this letter from a seasoned pirate seekin’ new horizons in the world of systems operatin’ and senior programmin’. This old sea dog be lookin’ to join the crew at yer Walmart ship, lendin’ me skills to navigate the digital seas.
Name: Captain Blackbeard Address: Davy Jones’ Locker, The Seven Seas
Dear Hiring Manager,
Avast ye! I be penning this letter to express me interest in the Systems Operator/Senior Programmer position advertised at yer fine establishment. As a pirate with years of experience sailin’ the vast and treacherous waters of the digital realm, I believe I be bringin’ a unique set of skills and a keen eye for detail to yer crew.
In me previous ventures, I have successfully navigated through the storms of coding challenges, mastered the art of troubleshootin’, and led me own team of scallywags to triumph in various projects. From Java to Python, I be fluent in the languages of the digital seas, and I can chart a course through databases with me eyes closed.
I be a quick learner, adaptin’ to new technologies faster than a ship at full sail. Me leadership skills be as sharp as a cutlass, and I can rally a team like a true captain should. Me dedication to precision and efficiency be unmatched, and I be certain that I can help yer crew run a tight ship at Walmart.
If ye be lookin’ for a pirate who can steer the ship of technology with skill and finesse, I be the buccaneer ye seek. I be eagerly awaitin’ an opportunity to discuss how me skills and experience can contribute to the success of Walmart.
Thank ye for considerin’ me application. I be lookin’ forward to the possibility of joinin’ yer esteemed crew and raisin’ the Jolly Roger of success together.
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
Captain Blackbeard

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