“Rewards” Cards Overload!

I have a half-dozen of the things in my wallet. Safeway, Albertson’s, QFC, Staples (X2 for some reason), Office Depot, O’Reilly’s, and more. Then there are the Bank cards (and the membership cards), Library Card (Yes, those still exist), Home Depot, Lowes, COSTCO, Navy ID Card, Driver’s license, and Heaven knows what else (I’m afraid to look). Oh, my Ham Card. I can’t go anyplace without folks asking me for my “Rewards” card.

We need to find a way to combine all these cards into one damned card. That stack of plastic filling my wallet makes me sit funny wherever I sit. That’s gotta be bad for my back. Not to mention making my wallet heavier and much much thicker.

And let’s make our social security number out phone number. Hell, we’ve about made the SSN useless anyway so why not use it for something else? Even the Navy only uses it for filing now; they assign you a new ID Number that you have to remember and have taken it off the old ID card altogether.

But Don’t Get Me Started!

Wow! I don’t know where that came from but the rest of today has been spent sleeping by the toilet “just in case!” But I won’t go into details.

Got the new 10.1” Android tablet set up for SWMBO. Hope she likes it. It’s already much easier than that POS Windows 8 Toshiba Encore tablet. It’s bigger too! Which means I have to find another carry case for her. I don’t mind though. Anything I can do for my Schweetie. Yeah, it’s an “off brand,” but, if she likes it we can always save up and get her a Nexus 10 or something.

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