Holy Crap I’m Tired (& Sore)!

Just installing the flooring in my office and finishing up the spots that need finishing. Up & Down. Up & Down. My knees are sore from being on them a lot. Damn, I’m getting old! Repeat: Damn, I’m getting old!

2013-11-18 15.12.27

Lots of wind and rain slowly intensifying today. Looks like the only walking I’ll get done today is on the treadmill. IF I WASN’T SO DAMNED SORE FROM PUTTING FLOORING IN!! SWMBO will be lucky if I pick her up tonight. (Not really!)

OK, it’s time to quit for the day. Messed up a rather simple measurement and cut, and, since I’m where most of the boards will have to measured and cut (around corners and such), it’s time to call if off for the day. I’m smart that way.

2013-11-17 15.32.32

Not much else going on. TV Dinner for dinner tonight. Just too tired to actually cook anything. I don’t really like TV Dinners, however, they do hit an empty spot when you just don’t feel like cooking. So Sue Me!

Time to go pick SWMBO up.

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