Getting Back To Normal

In-Laws visited for the last couple of weeks. Phew! I purely enjoyed their visit but am sorta glad they’ve gone home. SWMBO and her Mom stayed cloistered in her room or out shopping, etc while I spent a lot of time with her Dad. Not that I minded. We have the same mind on a lot of things. Took him to the Tacoma Museum to see their train layout and then to the Tacoma Train Club’s meeting place to see their trains and to the park in Port Orchard to see the Live Steamers ride able trains. Got lots of video! I wouldn’t mind if they moved out here… I think he had fun running my Digger around and pulling up a post that was going to be in his way when he pulled their 5th wheel out.

Sold our "other" property out on NE Tahuya River Drive. Closed last Thursday. Didn’t get as much as we wanted for it but got enough to get a couple of toys and pay off some major bills. Now I gotta remember not to head out to the property anymore. Kind of a bummer but we really weren’t doing anything with it. Still, I’m going to miss going out there and "getting away from it all."

So, SWMBO bought herself a new sewing machine and I ordered a Yaesu FT-857D Ham Radio.


Really looking forward to getting it and setting it up. Started studying for my General Ham License. I can’t believe I bought a Ham Radio when I could have bought a 40" LCD TV for the same price!!!!

Not much else going on around here.

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