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Oh, I wish they would/could!

Arizona official threatens to cut off electricity to L.A. in retaliation for boycott

See Who is really crossing our Southern Border!

A video you should all watch concerning the New Immigration Bill being rammed through Congress. You aren’t going to like it! (The Bill.) Why is Congress trying to screw us Americans? To get the votes for the next elections.

Question: How in the Hell does an Illegal Alien get to vote in our elections? (Is anyone else out there thinking of things like this?)

Can you believe that with all the really important issues we could be thinking about and acting on the NEWS folks covered what Mrs. Obama wore to a party and what they had to eat? But you’d expect that in a country where who wins at singing on "American Idol" is followed more closely than our energy crises or who is going to grow food for the next generation (and how they’re going to do it!).

During a press conference today, Calderon strongly criticized Arizona’s new immigration law as discriminatory, and President Obama called for comprehensive immigration reform.

Who cares? If Calderon could take care of his people they wouldn’t be coming across the border Illegally. Sure it’s discriminatory, they freaking ILLEGALS. So, I guess Calderon & Obama both agree to support Illegal activities. Isn’t it nice when Heads of State get along?…

Senators press for National Guard troops on border

So, pay for more INS Agents or pay for the National Guard to patrol the border. Actually, having the National Guard do it would be a GREAT training ground for actual War. They’d get shot at and get to shoot back and all the humping in the desert. My, it might approximate actual conditions for all the wars we will continue to fight over in the mid-east…

Several tornadoes reported across Oklahoma

While I truly feel sorry for Oklahomians; what’s NEW about this News?

Cuban lawmakers denounce Arizona immigration law

And we care, why? Cuba doesn’t exactly have a long history of human rights advocacy, does it? We haven’t had great relations with them for a long time so why should we care what the heck they think about Arizona. What are they gonna do; stop their folks from swimming to Florida for a taste of freedom? Get real, folks!

Sean Penn tells Congress: Haiti needs urgent aid

No, what Haiti needs is a REAL government! And who the hell is Sean Penn and why do we care what he thinks? And, Hey Sean, what about sending aid to Tennessee instead? You know: take care of Americans first. Dweeb.

Pakistan blocks YouTube over unIslamic content

Aw, they hurt our feelings by not believing the way we do so let’s hide our heads in the sand and just not listen to them.

Fighting bull cloned for 1st time in Spain

My, what an important use of technology. Let’s make something to kill. Yeah, that sounds good. Well, at least they aren’t making humans to hunt down and kill. Yet.

Nations pledge crackdown on online alcohol ads

Yeah! Leaves more room online for the Porn ads!

Can chocolate fight aging and make your skin glow?

Need another test subject?

But don’t get me started!

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