Catching up, Part I

About time I spent some time catching this up! Let’s see….:???:

Monday I spent all day splitting wood. Got about 99% of it done and I was MUCH worse for the wear Monday night. Sore as hell! I hurt in places I’ve forgotten I have!

Tuesday I got up early and finished off my pile of wood, then towed the splitter across the street to Pat’s house (she’s our 85 year old neighbor that heats only with wood) and split over a cord of wood there. HER wood was longer and ’thicker?’ than mine and I worked up quite a sweat splitting her wood. Luckily her daughter (Marge) stacked it.

Wednesday was a pretty normal Wednesday. SWMBO went into her office (as she is wont to do on Wednesdays) so I went out to the property and moved some dirt around. I’m putting in a little pathway so I can get to the back of the dome with the digger if I need to. Was a pretty nice day out there!

Thursday? I have absolutely no idea what the hell I did Thursday.

Friday was our normal ’date’ day. Was going to go bowling after breakfast at The Family Pancake House but had to make a stop at the Finance Folks (North Bay Mortgage) in Bremerton first. SWMBO took so long there that we just made our usual Albertson’s stop and came on home. She had to finish up some work so I mainly straightened up around the house.

Today I spent most of my time around the house except for a short trip into town. Went in to Big 5 Sporting Goods to get a pair of tennis shoes and wound up buying a telescope they had on sale. $60.00 bucks there. Then I made the mistake of stopping at Staples to check out the sales and they had a 400GB external drive for $140 so I got it. I knew SWMBO was going to kill me when she got home from the Genealogy Library (but she didn’t. Yet!).

So I’ve spent the evening ripping our CD’s and running outside to look at the moon and stars. Pretty good resolution on that telescope. It’s only 255 power but has several lenses that seem to bring things closer. Too bad it’s so damned cloudy out there! (It was supposed to be partially cloudy tonight!)

SWMBO’s looking for a Media Center PC. Cool! I’d like to put everything I have on disc and get away from storing CD’s and DVD’s on shelves and taking up room I could be storing BOOKS! I’ve tried reading books on my monitor but it’s really hard to take it to bed and read there. We love books and reading!

I’ll let y’all know later if SWMBO kills me in my sleep!

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