Why Can’t I Have A Normal Monday?

Got up early. S-S-S. Well, didn’t -S cause it’s monday. Did get out to the property by 0930. I made a ‘thing’ with my space heater to attach to the water line and run heated air through it. Had to take the generator. It worked great though! Heated the one end so much it melted but the whole pipe got warm enough for me to lay it like it was supposed to be laid. I did mess up a bit though; I started to fill in the trench at the top (to kind of hold the water pipe in place) and forgot to lay the phone and cable lines. Damn! Luckily I remembered before I got too far and will have to dig out only 8 feet or so to bury them. Ran the second line of water pipe only to find I don’t have the right connection to, well, connect the two pieces. Damn!

I kept getting caught in those “occasional, rare” rain showers we were supposed to have today. Rained enough that it got kind of slippery in the trench. About 1330 I was soaked and muddy from head to toe so I said “To Heck With It” (actually, I think it was closer to something like “F**K THIS”! But don’t quote me), packed up and came on home.

The season ender for Battlestar Galactica last night was KILLER KILLER KILLER!!! Apollo’s speach during the trial (really nice!) then exposing the next 5 models of the Cylons (Col. Tighe?! Chief Terril?!) who didn’t know they were Cylons. The ending music was great! Starbuck coming back as a Cylon and is going to lead them to Earth; Man! Too bad the show won’t be back until 2008. 2008! That’s at least 9 months from now! What the hell is wrong with you people?!? Ah well. I’ve already downloaded last nights episode and watched it twice!

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