SWMBO Is Home! WooWoo!

She called me at about 1600 yesterday and told me to come pick her up. It was a long trip (for me) to Seattle (via Tacoma), during rush hour(s) (which totally sucks), and I had to watch traffic and google maps (for directions), sat through 7 cycles of the same traffic light, and drove around the hospital looking for a parking space (three times), but eventually made it.
Had to show my papers (covid vaccination passport) to get in. First time I’ve ever had to prove I was healthy enough to get into a hospital.
Seattle by night is really kinda pretty with all the tall buildings and lighted windows and all, but, SWMBO was prettier when I walked into her room at the hospital and got to give her her first hug in 10 weeks.
So, the drive home was a lot better. What traffic?
The O2 company dropped off an oxygen generator and 4 (four!) 5-hour O2 bottles. And 50 ft of tubing so SWMBO can get to various places around the house without dragging the machine with her. Cool! Brought it all inside and plugged the thing in and she’s working just fine. Hopefully she’ll be able to get off the O2 completely soon. (Well, except for the 21% we all need.)
We gotta make a run to the Naval Hospital Pharmacy for some of her meds today but that’ll be easy.
So, SWMBO is home after 10 weeks in the hospital for the covid and we could forget she almost died but we won’t.
Now on to the important stuff: what am I to make for dinner for two?
Y’all have a nice day!

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