Sorry About The Last Post

The new Pulmonary Embolism, Bi-pap, and lack of more detailed info hit a raw nerve. I’d have to admit that my nerves are on a knife edge anyway.
Finally got hold of her Nurse this morning and got her to agree to tell SWMBO to CALL YOUR HUSBAND daily. Otherwise she says SWMBO is doing okay. They’ve got her on 80 lbs O2 during the day (with a blood O2 of low 80’s) and the Bi-pap overnight. If she can get to 40 lbs and low 80’s or better she can come home. So we’re working on that.
But I did get TWO video calls today. Nice! I’m much relieved. Maybe I’ll sleep tonight.
I sure hope so.
Sometimes I wonder if AGE is making me Strange? More emotional.
Geez, I hope not.

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