Time For A Stupid Rant!

Easy PeasyY’all do realize that Water (H2O) can be split into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) using electrolysis or solar energy (and other methods). That Hydrogen can be used in a Fuel Cell to generate electricity. The only “waste” is Heat and Water.

This is over-simplified, I know, but it seems to me that we can 1) use the electricity generated; 2) use the heat generated (to produce more electricity or heat our homes; and 3) Maybe do something friendly for the environment AND the folks living on it.

They already have Fuel Cells about the size of 2 25-ft shipping containers that can provide all the power a skyscraper needs. Why not set that up to provide power to 8-10 “city blocks?” Pick a hill side where a damn-near useless Windfarm was going to be built and string 50 Fuel Cell plants together and plug that into the nearest city/town/village and see how that does.

Or, with what Biden wants to spend on one Harris BJ the Gubment could supply a fuel cell to each and every home in the US of A. With a 5 array solar system on each roof as backup (or to split Water to feed the Hydrogen released to the Fuel Cell). Then create a zillion jobs developing the infrastructure to supply Hydrogen (the most common element in the Universe other than Politician Stupidity) and keep things running.

Yes, Wind Farms are a failure (except in a couple of places) and Solar Farms are almost a failure (except in a couple of places). Solar could do much better with better designed panels (the best solar panel has only a 22.6% efficiency turning sunlight to power), which they’re working on! But to make it “work” we need to cover most of the desert of Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona with solar panels wired into the rest of the country. Not gonna happen. (Although wires to collect the “extra” electricity generated by all those “home” fuel cells would not be a bad idea.)

Oh, OH! A new ponzi scheme for the Gubment since the last one (Social Security) didn’t work: Make a government “loan” for fuel cells mandatory with payback at 28% interest over 25 years per unit supplied with a “rebate” of $100/month after that if your unit is still working. But you have to retire your unit at 65 years.

Also, force new home builds to be Monolithic Domes or Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) houses. Sounds draconian, but, both of these type of houses have an energy efficiency WAY better than our present building materials. And it would save a tree or two. There is very little about wind turbines, or solar panels, that is recyclable.

So, Fuel Cell to charge a “Tesla” wall (of batteries) to power your life.

BTW, how many of you with Amazon devices are now supplying Free Internet to your neighbors today?

But don’t get me started.

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