Unless you want malware/trojans/viri installed on your computer! I downloaded and installed this POS Free Video Converter. During install it says "Some of the features will not work unless you install System Guard." System Guard? What the hell is System Guard and why wasn’t anything mentioned on the website I downloaded it from? Hell no I don’t want to install System Guard. Installed the free video converter without System Guard and dropped ONE file into the convert box, chose convert to wmv, clicked on the convert button and kept getting a box that said I had to install System Guard to convert more than 3 files. Every time I clicked on the convert button.

Assholes! I just hope I can get all this off my system. WHY didn’t I install it on my VMWare Windows Virtual Machine like I usually do? (Cause SWMBO needed a video converter to convert .avi files to .wmv so she can load up her Zune and I got in a hurry to get it done for her. That’s why!) I scanned with AVG and A-squared and found no problems. Scanning with Ad-Ware now… (Didn’t find anything…)

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