Finally Got Paid!

For the job I did last Saturday. And we brought my digger back to the house. This is the first ’commercial’ job with the excavator. Cool! Only made $100 but it’s a start. For a retired Navy Corpsman that fixes computers for work I sure enjoy moving dirt. I’m really thinking about starting a company and doing trenches and brush clearing and minor site prep type work. I think one of the things I like about moving dirt is you can put your body in motion with about 10% of your mind paying attention (as long as your not moving somewhere) and just DIG. It’s kind of relaxing. Virgil says he’ll probably hire me when he needs a space flattened to install a well. Cool! But wouldn’t you know, one of the hoses to the thumb sprung a leak and I gotta replace it!

OTT, not much going on. My elbow is still swollen up and I think I’ll have to go to the Doc and have them aspirate it. Bummer!


Oh yeah! Set up my telescope last night and got a better look at that thing I was describing yesterday. Looks like a globular cluster of stars. ‘Cept there were thin high level clouds and I really couldn’t get my telescope to focus in on it. Will try again when there’s no clouds.

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