Retired. But I Still Like Friday’s.

What it feels like when I get a headache:


Which, luckily, I don’t have. Today. Thank Goodness.


Made a run to the bank to transfer funds from “our” account to “my” account so the down payment check I wrote (my first on this account. I don’t write checks.) wouldn’t bounce. I really don’t want to start out on the wrong foot. Need to set up “bill pay” for this also.

Spent the day doing the usual things. Picked SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing tonight. Let her drive the new truck home from Safeway. She did her usual great job.


And that’s really about it for today. Just not much happening around here.

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I’m Just A Retired Navy HM

But even I took a vow to protect my patients, which was pretty much everybody. This Nurse, Kaci Hickox, fighting an involuntary quarantine, took a similar vow (Nightingale Pledge). She should have volunteered to be quarantined without being forced to protect those she has vowed to protect. IMHO, she is not a real Nurse. She should never work as a Nurse again. I almost hope she turns positive for Ebola. Almost.


Hospital Corpsman’s Pledge

I solemnly pledge myself before God and these witnesses to practice faithfully all of my duties as a member of the Hospital Corps. I hold the care of the sick and injured to be a privilege and sacred trust and will assist the Medical Officer with loyalty and honesty. I will not knowingly permit harm to come to any patient. I will hold all personal matters pertaining to the private lives of patients in strict confidence. I dedicate my heart, mind, and strength to the work before me. I shall do all within my power to show in myself an example of all that is honorable and good throughout my Naval career.


Man, that was a long time ago. April 73 if my failing memory is correct. I didn’t make a very good Hospital Hospital Corpsman (too many Nurses around), but made one damned fine Independent Duty/Field Med Hospital Corpsman. IMHO, of course. And, after the first year, loved being with the Grunts.

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