Ok, Let Us Try This From XP

Since I can’t get Windows 7 to “activate” or “Authorize” or whatever they call it, I’m dropping back to an XP Pro VM. And, of course, Windows Live Writer won’t install (nor is supported) in XP anymore, so I’m trying out this Zoundry program again. It seems to be working okay; but you know how it is changing programs from what you want to use. But I’ll give it a fair workout. Besides, learning new things keeps you young! (Yeah, sure.)

023.jpg I do like the “more” thingie though and wish more people would learn to use it. I don’t mind reading a long post, if it’s interesting, but try not to take my whole “timeline(?)” with it. If I want to read more than what’s posted, I will. Meanwhile I’m not having to scroll down forever to get to the next article/post. And I’ve “unfollowed” more than one person for posting too many pictures in a row on Tumblr.

Hmmm. Starting to wonder: Since this Zoundry program works in XP, will it work in WINE? Something to play with, for sure. (Nope. Seems to install okay but errors out when run. I’ll keep playing with it.)

Not much else going on. Yet. About to get dressed and go check mail. Get the other half of my chores done. Check and see if there are any Cherry Tomato’s that need picking.

Took a walk around the back 40. Sure seems like a lot of leaves are already starting to fall from the trees. Bummer! But I know Summer isn’t officially over until I see the Salmon Counters set up their trailer and stuff down at the river we have to cross to get into town. I’ve seen them out surveying the place; but, so far, they haven’t started setting up.

The #NeighborsFromHell got another puppy. They get 2 or 3 a year. Have absolutely no idea where they all disappear to, but they do and it ain’t long until they get another one. You’d think they’d just stop after losing their 20th dog or so.

Talked on 20-meters to my friend in Vista, CA. SWMBO sent me an e-mail claiming to have heard Thunder and saw Lightning over in Seattle. Sun’s out and I’m about to head out for a bit. Already picked tomato’s.

Just found something called “Unity,” that allows the windows from your VM to be on the host’s screen. No more CTRL-ALT to release the mouse pointer! Yay!

I’m pretty impressed with this Ubuntu Studio; when I haven’t broken it. I’ve been a Windows user since Windows 1 (which I think I still have someplace around here), with forays into Linux “just because.” I even played with DESQview when I thought of running a BBS (which was a multi-tasking program in DOS) way back when. I used to be called .bat-man because I knew DOS batch files so well. Even OS/2 Warp (of which I made a VM a couple of years ago! Still have it.). But, I’m really liking this Linux. Will probably wind up spending more time at the “command prompt.”

Ok, the MCARC Wednesday Evening 2-meter Chat Net went well. SWMBO is home safe and sound. Everyone is fed. “Jack The Giant Slayer” is on and strange noises are coming from the forest behind us. Guess it’s time to post this. Gonna try to get some sleep and get up at 0300 and see if I can see any of the Perseid Meteor shower.

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Mike & Dawn White (and their kids). Can’t stand them. The original “Neighbors From Hell.” They have absolutely no consideration for the rest of us with their kids racing their dirt bikes up and down the road. Trespassing when they please. Noisy at all  hours of the night. The kids (9 & 16) and their friends yelling “Fuck You” back and forth at the top of their voices. They were out shooting towards each other a few weeks ago! (You could hear them screaming “Don’t shoot towards me!” at each other before the sound of gun fire.)

Anytime we have “differences” they make comments specifically to put me down. This is our latest “difference.”


They’ve “dumped” this broke down car on my property. Without asking. Because, according to their oldest boy, “Well, you don’t use that piece of land anyway. So why not?” When I called them on it they resorted to personal insults. It’s not like I expect them to take responsibility for what they do or anything. A modicum of consideration would be nice; but also too much to expect of them. Well, I’ve had enough and if it’s still there tomorrow morning I’m calling the police and a tow company.

Then I’m going to research a Surveyor and figure out how to put a tall fence between us. It’ll be worth the price. And a LOT nicer than what I want to do.

They Aren't Going To Be Happy With Our Property Lines & A Fence!

Other than that’s it’s been pretty much a SSDD Tuesday around here. All the usual chores and made a dump run. Made a run to Safeway to get SWMBO some of her special chocolate milks. (Ordered her a new battery for her phone last night. Present one has been dying after about half an hour of just sitting there. Man, they’re spendy! $10 for 2!)

AE7GC asked me to take the MCARC 10-meter Chat Net tonight as he will be doing something else. No problem except I can’t hear everyone that may join us. Guess we’ll just have to make do and relay a lot.

Starting to feel damned cold outside. Supposed to drop down below 30 degrees here tonight. Oops, Steve on KOMO says about 25 degrees in the “outlaying” areas. Of which you can count our place. (Which I like.)

Wow. Seems we had a heck of a wind storm here last night and today; mostly on the other side of the sound. Lots of tree’s down and people without power. We had some wind here, but nothing like that. It’s coming down off the Cascade Mountains.

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