First Organizational Meeting Of S.P.A.H.

Sane People Against Hillary. Where I was elected President. And Secretary. And Treasurer. And Master-At-Arms. Then the meeting came to order. One member (me) accused another member (me) of being “sexist” for not supporting the dick-less Candidate for President of the United States. Whereupon the so accused member (me) called the accusing member (me) a “Libtard Piece Of Shit.” The President (me) called for order and had the Master-At-Arms (me) stand by to eject both if they didn’t settle down. Then the Treasurer (me) collected dues from each attending member. All told, meeting lasted about an hour. Secretary (me) didn’t do shit except take our money!

And so goes my day!


Yeah, it’s plenty sunny outside. Most of the time. Feels really cold to me though so I haven’t really been out much. Took some stuff to the Caravan and it started (lightly) hailing on me! Kind of windy off and on too.

So I’ve been getting things done inside. All the usual and still cataloguing the books. Kicking the Dog around (which he loves!). Slowly but slowly getting things straightened up after our long, cold, wet, otherwise boring winter stuck inside.


A Pollock patty & Bakes lightly sprinkled with Sea Salt and a bit of our Pepper Grinder Mix for dinner. (I think the English among us would call them baked chips.) Put on “For A Few Dollars More” and dinner is served!

For some reason, last night, while completely asleep, I disassembled my CPAP mask and tubing. Even disconnected the tubing from the machine. Woke up some unknown amount of time later, realized I wasn’t wearing the “face-hugger” and reassembled it and put it back on. I have absolutely no idea why I took it apart in the first place. I kinda sorta remember holding my hand over the end of the tubing cause it was making a hissing noise… No telling what my monitors at the MyAir site are going to think.


Finally got off my lazy and installed Linux Mint 17.1 dual boot. Darn thing didn’t give me a choice when it rebooted. Had to run “sudo update-grub” and that worked just fine. Now I have 15 seconds to choose which I want to run. Now I also have to find how to install the NVidia drivers so I can use all my monitors at the same time. I know: good luck with that one.

And that’s pretty much it for today. Think I’ll finish out “Them” and hit the rack.

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