Has A Week Really Gone By?

Damn! Mostly been out at the property moving dirt around with my digger. Kind of fun and relaxing in it’s own way. The weather’s been pretty good lately.

Had Bob (The Dirt Guy) and his dozer out for the 5 hours he owed me. Damn, can that man move dirt! He did a lot that would have taken me forever with the digger. Dome hole, the clearing and the road all look pretty good now. (I’ll take pictures tomorrow.)

Kathy brought lunch out and we did some measuring for fence and deck and other things. It’s nice having her out there.

And that’s about it. Oh, had my double-nickel birthday the other day. Kathy bought me TOOLS. Cool! Got a pneumatic brad nailer, finish nailer & Staple Gun (and the tank and compressor) AND she got me a Miter Saw. (Thank Goodness for the Home Depot Card!!)



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Pretty Good Day If I Do Say So Myself!

Went out to the property and pushed some more dirt around and started pulling out the Scotsbroom or whatever it is. Moving downed trees in the clearing. Generally just having a good time.

Took SWMBO to see the Pirates 3 movie. Was okay. Thought it was about an hour too long though. Still being out with my favorite girl has it’s good points too!

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