I’d Like To Say Nothing Is Going On…

But I’ve been too busy to say that. Sort of!

Missed our regular Friday night date last Friday ’cause SWMBO drove down to Sisters, Oregon for their annual Quilt Show. She was gone until late Saturday night so it was just Poop Dog and me hanging around the house.

I went out to the property friday and saturday and cut up some wood. Having that digger to hold trees at waist level sure makes it easier to cut them up! I’ve cut up and transported to the house we’re living in about a cord of wood so far. Cool. Now I have to rent a splitter, get it all split and stacked in the ‘woodshed’.

Sunday was a pretty regular day. We had friends out to the property for a picnic. Took our new camp stove and grilled ribs. Even made homemade potato salad! (I’m SO cool! <G>)

Monday it finally started cooling down some and it’s been raining off and on Tues & Wednesday. Had a meeting with Bob the Dome Guy and his main man Dan at the El Sombrero in Belfair about noon today (Wed). Got a lot of thing about the dome worked out and made a visit to the property. SWMBO’s car almost didn’t make it up the road because of all the mud! Had a doe and her baby stroll through the clearing while we were all standing around in the dome hole talking. Cool! I like having a piece of property where deer feel they can waltz through….

Not much else going on. Playing on the computer a lot. Mostly converting video’s to divx format. I need to get my ass on the scanning I have to do! I’m playing too much though…. Did manage to upload SWMBO’s Quilt Show pictures to our galleries. Check it out!

Pretty Quilt!

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Just A General Update…

‘Cause I haven’t posted in awhile. In reality; not much. Been enjoying the 90 degree plus weather by going out to the property (taking all my clothes off) and moving dirt around. Pulling dead trees out of the woods. Putting in guardrails and such. Generally just trying to be productive.

We had a 3 hour meeting with a general contractor this morning. Went well; I think. We’re really trying to get all the last numbers together so we can go for financing. Damn, I want to get this dome built! It would be SO nice to be able to quit working on the property and just go inside instead of having to drive 30 miles home.

Kat cooked pork chops for dinner on our new gas grill (camp type) tonight. Was pretty good. She’ll be leaving for Sisters, Oregon tomorrow to go to the annual quilt show on Saturday. Me -n- Poop Dog will miss her!

Picture Of The Sunset Tonight.

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