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When Anheuser-Busch hits $1/share I’m Going To Buy 100 Shares; Just In Case.

I expect it won’t recover but $100 (plus transaction fee) ain’t much of a gamble these days. Hell, we just spent $180 at Walmart. (And $180 Plus Tax at Habitat for a used dresser.)

But, I don’t think their beer(s) will ever enjoy good sales among the “fratty” folks again. Or among just normal (if there are such) people. But, investing in anything is a gamble. Hell, right now I could probably buy the whole of Anheuser-Busch for $100 cash.

Maybe NOT getting ate by dinosaurs helped: New Study Uncovers Secret of Mammals’ Evolutionary Success

Too bad Anheuser-Busch wont be able to cash in on it: New Potential Probiotic Treatment Reduces Alcohol Absorption, Prolongs Alcohol Tolerance, and Shortens Recovery Time.

Researchers Have Developed a Blood Test for Anxiety: If they come at you with a needle and you start breathing fast and break out in a sweat, you probably feel a bit anxious. Nothing new about that.

Yet one would get arrested for doing this with your future-Ex-.: A Cost-Effective Solution to Climate Change: Burying Biomass in Dry Landfills. But, I was just helping the environment!

Fewer Unwanted Mutations – New Technique Opens the Door to Safer Gene Editing: Cause Kahn Noonian Sing is a thing. And we do so well with viri.

BTW, sorry I didn’t post for “Burt Gummer Day” last Friday. Got busy on Date Day.

Speaking of Date Day: Took SWMBO to Sherries last Thursday morning on the way to COSTCO. After eating I thought to “drain the ol’ lizard” before heading out (cause I’m Old) and went to the restroom to do that (cause folks really get upset when you stand by your table and relieve yourself for some reason). Anywho, was standing there at the urinal doing my thing when someone came in, saw the urinal in use, and went on into the stall. I finished up, washed my hands (even though HM A School taught me mostly not to pee on my hands) and pulled a paper towel. While I was drying them (my hands) I farted.

I hear from the stall: Strike One!

So I went and spent way too much money at COSTCO in a good mood.

Scientists Sound the Alarm on Emerging Tick-Borne Disease Babesiosis: Yet, no warning about the blood suckers in Washington D.C. That disease should be called “Brokenosis.” And we all caught “Bidenism” from all the “Bidenoids.”

Is it covered by Medicare and Tricare For Life? New Drug Shows Promise in Alleviating Heart Failure. And could y’all approve this one as fast as y’all approved that useless COVID vaccine? Please. I’m gettin’ old.

Taking so long to notice proves the point: Are Americans Getting Less Intelligent? Study Reveals Concerning Trend in IQ Scores,

Scientists Discover Hormone Shot Can Alleviate Symptoms of Drunkenness: Because curing Cancer just isn’t important enough.

But, but, I thought the science was settled: Climate Science Shock: Methane’s Unexpected Cooling Impact Unveiled.

New Study Indicates That Socializing Could Extend Your Lifespan: Fuck. I’m a deader.

On Date Day we stopped by Habitat and found a dresser to replace the dresser in our bedroom which will go  to the library to hold “stuff” and the gaming tv (my new name for the 45″ tv I only use on the Wii) which will replace the old small roll-top desk I’ve had forever which I’ve donated to one of SWMBO’s friends that “really want’s one!” $180. Quality built. Already in place and filled. I need to get rid of some of the t-shirts I have!

Had to do my annual log in at the MyPay website. What a pain.

Troubled Waters: Record-Breaking Rates of Sea-Level Rise Found Along the U.S. Southeast and Gulf Coasts: Which I’ll believe when Nobama and the other “Climate Change” proponents sell their beach front properties.

Anywho, she’s making kielbasa cooked in pineapple with rice for dinner. I’d better go get some peas or something to go with that.

Been Learning To Wok. NOT Making The “Sweet & Sour Cow Vagina.”

I don’t think I can get *that* hungry. And I’ve been pretty hungry at times in my life.

Haven’t posted because there is just nothing happening around here and I get busy, and forgetful. Which I like (Not the forgetful part). I’ve had “excitement” and I much prefer the boring. Contractor coming over tomorrow to start the process of getting the FILA started. Doctors appointments done. May be able to get surgery on my left knee. May get a new CPAP. Looks like I’m going to live. Unless I don’t.

Was cruising Amazon the other night and came across a picture of my Ex-, the (her words) “renowned artist and children’s book” author. Look, if that’s true: glad for her. But I’m wondering why her last name isn’t the same as the guy she married after me; since they were married for 30+ years. Do I care? No. Just wondering. (You know: Did he die? Did he suicide when he realized he should have left her in Alaska when she ran off that time? She off him? God take pity on him? What?)

Thing is, she’s (my Ex-) written a book about the physical/mental abuse she suffered from her Father. Which would explain a LOT of things that happened in our marriage; but I never once heard of it in the 11 years we were together. Not once. May even explain the “bike accident” reason given for not being a virgin when we first “slept” together. (Which didn’t “bother” me at all. I’d been around.) But she never, ever, shared any of it with me. Hmm…

Thing is, thing is, I’m wondering if I have a chapter of my very own? Filled with only her perception of “what happened.” A one-sided account of the trials and tribulations of being married to me and all the HELL I put her through. Still Scarred For Life And Waking Up Every Morning Cursing My Name. (And the 5.5 kids we had together.)

I’m almost tempted to buy it just to see. Except I’m not really interested in bringing up any of all that again. Was hard enough to go through the first time. And I don’t really care what anyone that has read her book thinks of me. Water under the bridge.

Don’t get me wrong: I was a pure Dick for almost all the last few years of our marriage. No, I was. But you can’t say that all our problems were my fault. Other than her being bat-fuck crazy we got along pretty good. ???? But I also know that a few things she believed/s happened never really did.

For someone that’s always been desperate to be “beautiful” and “young” and all that she almost doesn’t look like an almost 70 year old trying to look 30. In that I do feel sorry for her.

Hope she has a nice life.

Anyway, hydroponics is going okay. Lettuce and Spinach growing real fine. Tomato’s grow about 7 inches then look like they’re dying off. Still haven’t found the problem; but I will. Thinking of buying some actual “bato” boxes and restart with a different setup.

Starlink is still working great! It’s a universe of difference around here. Haven’t been able to find the place to change our network addresses (hate the standard 192.168 etc sequence), but I will. Re-setup Cups for printing and Pi-hole for the DNS/ads stuff. SWMBO’s up and running and can even print now. She’s accepting Linux.

Raining. Been raining. Supposed to rain for the next week. I’m so tired of sitting here at my desk cause we can’t go outside for long. Which is why I’m trying to learn to use my wok. Made some fried rice for dinner tonight and the best I could say about it is: It Didn’t Gag Us.

Since “they” arrested President Trump, I’ve been wondering when they’re going to dig up Richard Milhouse Nixon and try him for his crimes.