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Helped A Friend of SWMBO’s Friend Move Out Of Her Trailer Into Her Car …

This lady was living in this crappy little trailer along the edge of one of the lakes around here with no electricity and a hose for water. She got to where she wasn’t paying space rent so the owner asked her to leave. She needed help moving the stuff she wants to keep into an already overstuffed storage place down the road. So we helped.

And she’s a “hoarder.” Big time. She didn’t want to get rid of anything she had stuffed in that little trailer even though she’s on the verge of having only her car (parked next to her Mom’s house) to live in

I don’t really know all her story, and I’m not really interested, but SWMBO and the other ladies that helped weren’t too upset that this lady was having to move into her car. SWMBO says she’s paying for a life long series of wrong choices and stubbornness.

I thought it odd that she pays (at least $70/mo) for a storage unit and chose not to pay rent. .

Not a good combo. But, I figure I’ve done my part in all this and the rest is between her and the world.

Anywho, SWMBO took me to Sherries Restaurant in Silverdale before making our usual stop at WinCo for Date Day. Picked up two turkey breasts (we like the breasts) and other stuff for Thanksgiving. Friends coming in from Utah this year. Cool! We spent so much we qualified for the free turkey; which SWMBO is going to donate to the food bank tomorrow morning.

So I’m sitting here watching the original Gojira (1954) in Japanese (and no Raymond Burr) and ‘re-ripping’ my Godzilla movies because I can do a better job of transcoding them now. I’m wondering how I got more Godzilla movies on my media drive than discs on file? Looks like a trip to Amazon tomorrow. (I do try to stay ‘legal.’)

Well, Survived The Silver Stallion. Now What?

I wasn’t as nervous about the procedure this time. They got me all positioned and an absolutely stunning apparently 25 year old young lady introduces herself with “Hello, Mr. King. I’m Doctor <so-and-so> and I’ll be doing your procedure today.” No. Not right. Not right at all.

I remember them telling me that they were sending me to my happy place NOW and I had just enough time to mutter “Not the way I wanted to get half naked in a room full of girls but when you’re 71 you take what  you ge….” when, the very next second, they’re telling me “Wake up, Mr. King.” and turning over on my back I let out the most loose butt-cheek ‘wobbly’ (the only way to describe it) fart that lasted a good 3 seconds.

In school, I’d have been proud of that one. In the recovery room: pretty much the same.

They told me I probably wouldn’t poop for a couple of days (no shit!) but I kind of expected I wouldn’t since I’d just spent 24 hours shitting out everything I’d ever had in my guts since High School. I think I even passed a leggo once.

And I guess I made an old fool of myself asking about Dr. Wow. Turns out she’s in her 40’s and has a couple of kids, etc, etc, etc.

I don’t know what they use to knock you out for this, but that’s some good shit. No preamble. No drowsiness. No I think I’ll go to sleep now. You are OUT.

Anyway, things are back to “normal.” Re-installed the water heater in the FILA yesterday and am dealing with a sink leak today. Gonna give that walk-in shower a try out tomorrow I think. Then I’ll turn off the water heater until someone actually stays in the place. Just no sense in paying to heat water no one is going to be using.