Headline Said: “Use Our Telescope To See Things Near!” And I’m Thinking …

I don’t need a telescope to see things near. I need a telescope to see things that are far.

But maybe that’s just me. And don’t even get me started about having two pair of glasses: One to see things near, and one to see things far …

There Is Absolutely Nothing Going On Around Here!

Wx has been windy with the pinnacle of windy last (Friday?). Great gusts with wind howling around the house. Lost two (2) old trees out on the back 40.

Garden doing good. Started picking radishes today. First time growing radishes. There are more grapes (teeny tiny green) on the grape plant (where else?) this year than all previous. About the same with the blue berries. (I gotta get some chicken wire to keep the birds off both1)

Finally getting all the old cabinets from the MILA and some other “stuff” onto the utility trailer to take to Habitat and let them keep what they want. The rest will go straight to the dump.

Crap! I’m getting old. Loading that trailer ain’t as easy as it used to be.

Preparations for ARRL Field Day begins tomorrow.

What do you call a lesbian on fire? An LGBBQ.

Stopped by Haselwood to get set up for an oil change and tune-up. Truck’s started making that ‘bump’ thing going uphill like one of the spark plugs is fouled. Probably.

The guy looked me in the face and told me labor would be $599. For a tune-up. Nope. Not happening. Pretty sure I can look up the specs and change a spark plug still.

Then I asked how many pre-paid oil changes I had left and wanted to use one. He never did give me a number but DID tell me that they all expire in July. Excuse me? If I paid for the things how can they expire? Sounds like one of the Managers and I will be having a conversation next Saturday when my oil’s getting changed. Then they can read my review of Haselwood on Yelp.

Crap! Just realized I need to change that appointment unless I want to miss Field Day.

And should probably register the RV since I’ll be getting it on the road for Field Day also….

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