Well, Don’t That Just Figure!

The #1 drive in our NAS went TU sometime last night. Other than
age and use (about 6 years if I remember right) it was probably
about time. Hoped it wouldn’t but drives wear out.

And, did I have a total backup? (You would ask!) Well,
No. Of course not. Oh, I have most of it “somewhere.” Duplicates
in “other places.” And can (probably) rebuild/re-acquire the rest;
but it’ll still be a pain in the ass. Ripping entire seasons of tv
shows (even if I have the dvd or blu ray’s), then converting them
to .mkv files is a pain. Repetitive.

The “Backup” Directory? Probably lost. Along with my EDU-Stuff
directory where I keep all my hard science (Geology, Dinosaurs,
Wx, National Parks in HD, and my courses from The Learning
Company) shows. Probably about half the tv series that SWMBO

The “Movies” Directory? Backed up. Along with the Google
(pictures), Photo’s (working), Music and most of the TV Shows.
(Those that I like anyway …)

IF the rebuild doesn’t work.

Spent the last several hours rebooting the NAS and trying
different non-destructive things to recover data. To no avail. And
I’m a pretty smart fella about these things. NAS kept asking me if
I wanted to reformat/rebuild the (supposedly) bad drive. NO. Not
really. I just want to see why (why? why!) it’s “bad.” No sense
rebuilding a possibly TU drive.

So, pop out bad (bad! Bad!) drive #1, pop in new 5TB drive (well,
mostly new) and hit the rebuild function. In 3 to 5 days I’ll know
if it worked or not. (Two hours later and it just clicked over to
2% done. So, 5 days …)

Meanwhile, me and Amazon will get together about some new drives
to make those backups if/when able. I may just go ahead and build
a new NAS with one of these spare Raspberry Pi’s I have laying
around. Might be fun!

SWMBO was watching the Avengers saga (in order) and is now
stopped at Thor and WANTS THIS FIXED as soon as possible. (She
might also be jonesing for Rab on JAG …)

Put the bad (bad! Bad!) drive in my rshtech docking station and
re-partitioned/reformatted it and it appears to be working fine.
Using badblocks to surface test it. Had to change the default
block size for it to work so I’m not sure the results will be
accurate. But, it should be able to find bad surface if it’s

Charted with Discs
We’ll see.

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