I Have Really Only Two Things To Remember

The first is: If SWMBO is happy. I’m happy. Or at least not suffering her wrath.

Thinking of buying one of those $20 SDR’s to play with. Maybe something to show the folks at the next (or next next) meeting. Liven things up a little bit. Open some minds.

MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net had 10 check-ins tonight. Cool!

Worked outside all day. Nice out there! Putting in the new fence for the animals. SWMBO wants to give them  more room so I’m going to get to make another run to Home Depot tomorrow. Oh, Joy.

Other than that, just sat out in the sun and chilled most of the day. Didn’t really chill though as it was pretty warm. I like that! The warmer the better.

Kind of disjointed here tonight. Must be my age catching up with me. Or I’ve finally bored myself to tears.

Oh, I forgot what that other thing I had to remember was. Dang!

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