Still Cold But Warming.

Maybe. Naw. Only got up to 30 degrees here today. A few folks have had their pipes frozen enough to burst them. For which they call the Fire Department. The Fire Department? Really? Why in Hell would you call the Fire Department instead of a Plumber for a burst pipe I don’t know. Nope. Can’t come up with a valid reason.

SWMBO and I made a run to the Vape Shop in Bremerton then stopped and picked up the quilt and frame she’s been working on on the way home. Damned cold out there! Toured the “back 40” with the dog (meaning we walked the back part of our property where it abuts the forest). Damned cold out there! Luckily not as bad as the Midwest and East is getting hammered though.

From Q13-Fox News

My neighbor finally called me for some help. He’s been trying to print the same 5 page document for the last couple of days. Turns out you have to turn the printer on and press the “color” button to get it to print. Who’d a thunk? I also had to clear out the 58 documents he had que’d for printing! (That was hard to do with his overly sensitive track pad POS.)

TV dinners for dinner tonight. Just being lazy and we have a dozen of the things in the freezer from when SWMBO was working and I didn’t feel like cooking for one. And just sometimes the lazy way to go is the only way to go! Damned cold out!

I don’t think we’re going to see any snow over here this time. Actively snowing over towards the coast but it isn’t moving inland. Ah well. It would be nice if SWMBO got her white Christmas this year though. (Seems one likes white Christmases if one grows up in the Toledo, Ohio area.) Just Damned Cold Outside!

And then I thought: Why not just post the Wx shot from our local stations and compare the differences. Lot’s of differences! Who to believe!

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