The Bodies Are Still There.

I know. I’ve seen them. I had to go look because, well, I still have hope that they’re alive. I pray for that every time before looking out the port hole. Each time though, there are the stars unwinking in the background, Wolf 359 seeming much too near for comfort, and the bodies of my crewmates.

Perversely, they’re not always in the same place. They’ve both drifted towards the ship and are being caught on the fringe of the artificial gravity field, which has been fluctuating, so they’re slowly being pulled into orbit around the ship. I suppose I could turn the artificial gravity off long enough for the bodies to move farther away. But, for some reason I don’t understand, the gravity is the only thing keeping the Doc alive.

Funny. Two lifeless moons (if you don’t count individual body parts from the explosion) orbiting what is soon to become a death ship if I don’t get off my lazy ass.

Well, not totally lazy. I am injured.

I’m almost sure I’ll eventually really miss that hand.

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