I Worked At A Book Bindery Once When I Was About 15…

A place where we assembled books/magazines/catalogs page by page then ran them through a machine that put glue on the correct edge and put the cover on it. Assembling the books/magazines/catalogs involved sitting at a large round table that rotated. You’d pull off the pages, in order, into stacks for the binder. The guy that had to run everything through the cutter had the hard part: edging all the books/magazines/catalogs without cutting a finger off with the guillotine blade that did the cuts! Do “they” even do books/magazines/catalogs that way anymore?

Not much going on around here. Pretty much SSDD. SWMBO is still looking for a job and taking on additional training for additional certifications to make her more desirable for hiring. I’m thinking about going down to the local community college and taking the “Flagger” course and seeing if I can get some work that way. Hard business to get in; but  once you do you can make a lot of money. We’ll see…

Just finished running the Mason County Sunday Evening 2-meter Chat Net. Had 9 people check in tonight. Not bad. The Net lasted the whole hour we allot for it. A couple of the guys want to learn more about PSK and other digital modes on the radio so I invited them over sometime to see how I do it. Heck, I may just set my laptop up to play a recorded session of psk31 and show everyone at the next club meeting. We won’t be able to actually transmit anything but they’d get the gist of what’s going on. Hmmm. I could even do the same thing with easypal to show them how to send pictures back and forth.

SWMBO got out and did some mowing this afternoon. I watched her from the deck out back. She also made fried chicken for dinner for us and it was yummy!

An older friend brought his new laptop and monitor over so I could show him how to spread his desktop over the two monitors. He likes to have his genealogy program running on the laptop screen and wants Firefox on the other so he can cut and paste without minimizing screens. So we took an hour for that and to install a couple of other programs he likes to use. He does pretty good for a guy that didn’t even want to use “one of them computer things.”


And that’s it from the Not-So-Great North West! 73

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