Pretty Much SSDD Around Here.

Been busy playing on the radio and watching "documentaries." Talked to a guy in Alabama today! Cool! Wish I had known what to do as he was in a "Sweepstakes" and I don’t think my contact was what he was looking for. I’ll eventually learn all this HAM stuff though.

Been downloading and watching all kinds of documentary’s lately. I know it’s Sunday; but I WASTED most of the day watching Fearless Earth. The visuals, CGI and otherwise, were excellent but the music was fantastic. Tried to find out who did the music but was unable to get even a clue.Ah well…

It snowed some here today. Just a dusting but it did snow. We haven’t gotten snow before SWMBO’s birthday in a long time and it does not bode well for this winter. But it’s supposed to be a La Nina year anyway. It’s COLD though and getting colder over the next couple of days. Maybe a bit more snow tomorrow also. Cool!

Not much else going on. Just the usual. This being "semi-retired" is driving me nuts. I’m really thinking of finding someplace to volunteer so I can get out of the house for awhile.

I think the BP meds I’m taking seem to be doing some good. BP was 134/84 this morning. Course, I only took my BP cause I was sitting and watching Smallville (again!!) and my nose started bleeding. I hadn’t picked it or anything so I thought I’d take my BP "just in case." Probably my nosebleed was from the air being too dry or warm. That does happen to me. Ah well.

Anywho, think I’ll play with Vue 7 for awhile…


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