Yes, It’s Catch Up Time!

Welcome to the fabulous world of "Ain’t It About Time You Wrote Something Here?", Dork.

You betcha.

Problem is: This past week has been another prime example of SSDD. Every day.

Been raining most every day.

Still working on bookcases.

Still getting the housework done and dinner cooked and served.

Laundry. Let’s not even go there this time. Okay? Really.

SWMBO and I went on our Friday date today. Taco Bell in Port Orchard. Then to Silverdale so she could donate some blood. (I sat in the car and watched the original "War Of The Worlds" on my blackberry. I have a cold and can’t donate soon.) Then back to Bay Street in Port Orchard to check out the one book store we haven’t managed to close by visiting it more than three times. Shopping at Albertson’s: we needed milk and some bread. $95 later we got out! Small purchase at Radio Shack and back home.

I sure know how to show a girl a good time! :grin:

Been watching a program called "Glee." I can sing; sort of. Wish I could ’perform.’

Ah well….

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