It’s Been A Pretty Regular Weekend

Wow, another 5 days has gone by. Wow. Where does the time go?

But, I have been fairly busy doing things around the house. Got out on the digger the other day and made a couple more piles of stuff to burn when the burn-ban is over. Gonna have a big fire. Maybe I should invite SWMBO down with a bag of hot dogs and some buns. Or maybe marshmallows.

Getting the wall up in the "Man Cave" to stop the dust from the woodshop side going into the computer side. I’ve got it framed in and will get out and pick up a couple sheets of drywall tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have it finished by tomorrow night. Hopefully.

Pulled my old "N" Gauge train set out and kinda sorta put enough track together to check out the engines. Really surprised that the power converter worked! And even more surprised that 2 of the 3 engines still work. Doesn’t sound the least bit exciting, does it? But, the last time any of those were plugged in was 25-30 years ago. Really. I put them in a big plastic box for moving and never pulled them out until a couple days ago. Now I’m trying to figure out how to make a "train board." Think I’ll need my FIL’s help. He’s really into "HO" gauge trains.

SWMBO and I went out to El Sombrero’s over in Port Orchard for our date last Friday then to Albertson’s for our usual Friday shopping. We picked up some extra things for her brother, Bob, and his current, Michelle, to take home with them cause they can use some help now. That’s one thing our pantry (and our canning things) is good for; when someone (family or not) really needs help getting something to eat we’ll let them "shop" from our pantry. SWMBO’s brother does it. Our Son does it.

So, Bob & Michelle (I sure hope I’m spelling her name right) came over for dinner yesterday. Made BBQ’d steaks, mashed taters & veggies and it was all good if I do say so myself. Michelle doesn’t eat meat so I made her a BIG baked tater. They seemed to like dinner.

Today was a pretty regular Sunday for me. To be honest, I mostly played with Vue7 on the computer while watching the season premier of "Fringe" and the first two episodes of this seasons "Supernatural" that I downloaded Saturday over at my friends house. Oh, I wrestled the dog around some too.


Oh, speaking of Poop Dog; No sooner had SWMBO left the house for church this morning when I heard Poop Dog barking out back. It was his "This is MY yard!" bark with a little bit of..Panic? I’m not sure but it sounded strange. So I went out to check. Stuck my head out the back door and there was a large Coyote by the tree that’s about 10 feet from Poop Dog’s fence. It ran off but it was pretty cool to see. I guess from now on when I hear that bark I’ll take my camera with me!

Just not much going on around here. Been checking in at Facebook every once in awhile. Trying to get back into reading the news online but it’s almost always disappointing; Fire, famine, flood & war most everywhere. There was even a story about a woman dieing after catching fire during surgery! Damn!

There was an interesting article about maybe everyone moving to a 4 day work week and how much energy we’d all save. I did that for a couple of years and really enjoyed those 3 day weekends. It would have been better if I hadn’t been working graveyards!

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