Just Not Much Going On…

No, I really mean it this time. Just not much happening around here.

Finally felt like I was getting over this cold last Saturday so I went out to the property for a couple of hours and moved some dirt out of the way so I could move more dirt. What fun! Was almost nice weatherwise out there.

Sunday I skipped out on church (first Sunday). Talked to Bob The Dirt Guy about doing some finishing up for me on the crawl space. Then I went out there and moved some more dirt. After about half an hour of work it started to sprinkle. I figure; what the heck. It’s just a sprinkle. Then it started to rain. Okay. Then it started to rain harder. Okay. Then after about an hour of this I gave up and came on home. Soaked from the thighs down. Brrr. Jumped right into a nice hot shower almost immediately upon arriving home. Felt Good!

Been trying to get back on learning PHP & MySql. Sometimes I’m sitting around watching a movie or something or “just goofing off” on the computer and I suddenly feel so damned stupid. Like “Why in the Hell am I just sitting here vegetating instead of doing something constructive?” Know what I mean? So I pull out a book I’ve been meaning to start and get on it for a few chapters. Then, something else comes up and I go do that for awhile.

Like tonight. Venus was shining really bright and I thought to myself; “Self. Why don’t you get out that nice Telescope SWMBO got you and take a look?” So I got off my lazy fat old white ass (pimply too!), dragged the telescope out and spent an hour looking around. Saw Venus in Crescent really good. Put that lens extender thingie (Barlow Lens 3X) in and it made Venus seem almost twice as big. Or maybe three times; I don’t know. Was pretty cool looking though. Now if I can figure out how to aim the telescope without searching back and forth up and down all over the place before finding what the heck I want to look at! When we get out place built (and we’re moved in) I’m definitely going to make a place for the telescope to stay outside and readily accessible. No more carrying it out and in for me.

Managed to pop the fuse thingie (Damn! I Hate these senior moments!) running the washer, dryer, dishwasher and the fan behind the woodstove all at the same time today. I’ll be so glad to move out of this house! Circuit Breaker! That’s what I’m thinking of. Usually it pops when we forget and run the microwave & toaster at the same time. Once it popped when I plugged in an external drive without turning something else off. Damn, I’ll be glad to get out of this house!

Did I mention that there is just not much happening around here?


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