Damn, It’s Cold Out There!

Coldest I’ve seen it around here in some time. I mean get-your-fingers-numb cold. Keeping me indoors. Using more wood in the wood stove. That kind of cold. Tried making a time-lapse of some pebbles melting through the ice that formed on the top of the bucket I use to collect rain water; but it never did melt completely. Oh well.

Speaking of which: Phillip (my 70 year old neighbor) showed up around 2030 last night and asked me if I would please show him Venus on my telescope. Wasn’t doing much so I did. He was suitably awed. We saw Venus in Crescent pretty good. Had him come back at 2200 to look at the moon and even though it was really the wrong time to look at the moon, you don’t see as much detail during a full moon, it was still pretty impressive. I’m getting the hang of aiming the damned thing better! It was fun and I was grateful to Phillip for "dragging" me out in the cold. Even if my fingers did sting for awhile after coming back in.

Other than that, not much happening around here. We had a LOT more snow on the 9th; but it didn’t stick. Was coming down pretty thick too! (I’ll upload some video later.) Guess it was a good thing it didn’t stick. Went up to the property expecting to see at least 4 inches; but it was mostly bare.

Good thing too! I got the crawl space hole done except for straightening up the sides and digging that bit of dirt out along the edges. I have got some serious piles of dirt around the outside of the hole though! I need my bulldozer back to move it someplace. And where am I going to move it? I have absolutely no idea.

SWMBO’s off to the office tonight; as usual for Wednesday. I "wasted" a couple of hours upgrading or updating my ICF House Blog to the latest version of WordPress and trying to get the widgets I want to use to work. Couldn’t get all of them to work but will try again when I’m not feeling so frustrated about it. I think they ought to be called "Widgits" for all us "Idjits" trying to make them work!

Took my telescope out again for a bit this evening. I just cannot find the Andromeda Galaxy! Even with the help of Stellarium. I need to find a local Astronomy Club!

Me aboard the USS Dixie (AD-14) 1973?
Me aboard the USS Dixie (AD-14) 1973?

Semper Fi!

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