I HATE Going To The Doctor!

But, occasionally, I have to. Been having this numb/burning feeling on the lateral part of my right thigh. Had it off and on for a long time but lately it’s been getting worse. Burns when I sit too long or walk too long. I figured it was just age finally getting to me; but decided to e-mail my Doc cause it has been getting worse lately. He e-mailed me back telling me to make an appointment ASAP. I e-mailed back that maybe it’s this chair I spend so much time in sitting in front of this computer and that I’d change chairs and if it was still bothering me in a month I’d make an appointment. At 0830 this morning a Nurse called me and said that my Doc wanted me in today. ???

So I made an appointment for 1450 And I made it rain and all. Didn’t get to see MY Doc though; he was off today. But the Doc I did see started talking about L3 Disk Degeneration and wanting x-rays. Checked me out physically and all my Range Of Motion (ROM) is normal (for an old guy) and I have absolutely no other signs or symptoms except for this burning sensation in my thigh. Hell, even my blood pressure is pretty good for a guy my age. So he ordered lumbar x-rays and said that if it got any worse he’d order some kind of "nerve" tests. Apparently, in these "nerve" tests they stick a needle in your upper thigh, another needle in your lower leg and apply electricity until you yell "Uncle!". Brrr. Gives me chills just to think about it.

So, anywho, this Doc tries to give a Rx for a narc to control the pain. I turned it down cause I’m not having anything you’d call Pain; just this burning sensation. Told him to just leave the Rx on the books and I’d pick it up if I needed it. I hate taking drugs though! Narcotics make me feel ’funny’ personality wise. But I will go with his instructions to avoid heavy lifting or bending over for awhile to give the disk time to heal; if that’s the problem. (Had to get it in writing though for SWMBO. Hey, would YOU take MY word for it?!:grin:)

X-Ray machine was cool though. They don’t use film anymore. The ’cassette’ that used to hold film now holds something else and they can take it right to a computer and look at your x-ray right then. The X-Ray Tech showed me mine. Spine looked normal to me except for these little pointy spikes coming off the edges of some of the vertebrae (which may be the source of the problem also).

Got home kind of late and SWMBO was hungry so she took me to McDonalds for dinner. Then we stopped by Office Depot and found a chair to replace my computer chair. $100! Phew! Of course, I had to lift it to put it into her Kia then lift if out of the Kia and carry it into the house and unpack it and build it. Glad I didn’t have to do any heavy lifting or anything…

Anywho, that’s about it around here. Heard some thunder mixed in with the rain earlier today. Rained a bit. Hard at times. Spent an hour working on a friends computer until I just couldn’t take his constant jabbering anymore. How do you tell some one that you don’t want to hear a sound from them unless you ask them a direct question cause you’re concentrating on the problem the computer is having? Well, it didn’t work.


Smallville was pretty cool tonight. Chloe finally got to tell Clark how she ’used’ to feel about him. They need to tell Jimmy about Clark though so Jimmy will know what’s going on when she disappears to help Clark. I just can’t warm up to this person that took over for Lex though… Even though Clark seems to be more at-home with his abilities he really needs to learn to FLY!


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